Solar Power Is Finally Getting Closer To Battery Storage Technology

Multi-million dollar research into battery technology is making solar energy storage more efficient.

There’s a new battery system in town. One that’s touted to be “as hassle-free to use as solar panels.


Though not quite inexpensive, it is made more affordable by long term financing, and competitive with utility prices.

Like most new technologies it will take some time before the average homeowner will be able to afford the higher efficiency battery systems.

This is a step in the right direction.

Solar Power Is Finally Getting Closer To Battery Storage Technology

“…NEWSLETTERS:SUBSCRIBEFOLLOW: Green Energy, Solar Panels, Battery Solar Panels, Battery Technology, Green Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii Electricity, Hawaii Green, Hawaii Solar Panels, Solar Panel Battery, Solar Panel Technology, Solar Panels Hawaii, Solar, Solar Power Hawaii, Urban Progress , Green NewsHONOLULU – Major advances in battery storage technology, not to mention sharp cost reductions, could help light the way for Hawaii’s troubled solar industry. The path forward could, it seems increasingly plausible, involve do-it-yourself solar users disconnecting themselves from the power grid altogether, and still flourishing…”

“…the game changer would involve affordable battery storage technology that can hold large amounts of energy from solar panels on a home or business. Battery storage allows customers to liberate themselves from the power company’s limitations — and high prices — and go completely off the traditional power grid…”

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SOURCE: Huffington Post: Solar Power Is Finally Getting Closer To Battery Storage Technology.