Solar Powered Fridge Invented by British Student Keeps Food Cool for Days Without Using Electricity

Solar Fridge

The fridge works through the evaporative cooling, uses no power, is powered by the sun, and will keep food cool for days. Just add water. This is an ingenious device based on an age old scientific principle of evaporation. As the water evaporates it cools the area around it, the interior of the unit where food is stored will keep food cool for days.

Solar Fridge


“‘A fridge is something that people can’t seem to live without. 

‘I wanted to keep it really simple and so I set about researching how we cooled things years ago. The simplest method of cooling something could be seen when you look at how we cool biologically  –  through sweating or evaporation. 

‘That idea led me to the design and the fridge was born.’