Solar Valley In China Helped Spark The Nations Move Towards Renewable Energy

Huang Ming, also known as “The Sun King” is a Chinese engineer, politician, and entrepreneur. As a politician he has led the charge to bring renewable energy to China and wants to see renewable energy become the main source of power worldwide. He has been recognized as an entrepreneur with several awards, especially for his work in renewable energy and he holds over 600 patents. It is his largest endeavor that has made him somewhat well known outside of his homeland though. Solar Valley is his largest and most ambitious project, costing over $700 million USD, and taking up an area of around a square mile, it was mainly focused on utilizing solar panels, not only on rooftops, but incorporated into the overall architecture and design of the city.

Part of what inspired him to build Solar Valley was the poor air quality due to air pollution from fossil fuels that is widespread in China, especially near major city centers. His hope is that by showcasing what can be achieved with solar, that use of coal, oil, and other polluting fuel sources can be eliminated, and since the construction of solar valley, China has built the largest solar power plant in the world and has started to take their pollution problem more seriously. While he says that Solar Valley may have been a dream that was “too big”, he has kept pushing forward with new ideas and is working towards sustainable housing in Mongolia.