Stunning Prefab Shipping Container Homes for $32k


$32,000 does not go very far these days, especially when it comes to real estate.  Toronto based architectural firm Meka is changing that, and changing how the world views prefabricated homes.  Meka was started in 2009 with a vision in mind: to provide affordable housing options to design-savvy customers.  Because the homes are built from containers, they can be shipped anywhere that a regular shipping container can go.  And they are eco-friendly; they are completely assembled in a factory and made from more than 70% recycled materials.  Since they pretty much just need to be dropped into place and assembled, they leave a much smaller environmental footprint than other types of homes.


From Meka, $32k will get you this home, made with two steel shipping containers.  They are completely finished in gorgeous detail, with bamboo walls, glazed floor to ceiling windows, and cedar siding.  And they are very quick to build.  Once the foundation is in place, this particular home can be set up in one working day.


Every part of this home is made in a factory before the home is shipped, including the wiring, plumbing, insulation, and windows.  The windows and insulation are high efficiency to help save on heating and cooling costs.


Meka claims that the houses are much more durable than standard stick-built homes, able to withstand hurricane conditions and other weather extremes.  They ensure that their homes conform to three main criteria:

  • Each building fits the same parameters as a shipping container so that it can be transported globally via truck, ship or rail.
  • Each design is contemporary to allow maximum functionality for the space.
  • Each building meets building codes so that they can be permanently installed.


Like Legos, shipping containers can be stacked and placed in unlimited different layouts for larger and more elaborate home designs.  Meka offer several other larger home options, all prefabricated and finished in stunning detail.