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Tesla Buys SolarCity for $2.6 Billion

Tesla Buys SolarCity for $2.6 Billion

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Tesla buys SolarCity for $2.6 billion dollars in a huge move directly into sustainable energy. Tesla has been hinting at doing this for a while, especially with their move a few months back when they introduced the PowerWall technology which stores energy for use in your home. Solar City is the largest solar installation company in the world, and is now owned by the largest electric car manufacturer in the world.

Tesla Energy is manufacturing the PowerWall home battery energy storage system, and the PowerPack utility and business energy storage solutions. These battery systems and energy storage systems which are designed to be infinitely scalable.

Tesla Buys SolarCity

That phrase by itself should be extremely exciting to you because it means you can store energy for later use theoretically forever. Now that Tesla has purchased SolarCity the game just changed from Tesla being in the auto industry making the world’s best selling electric car, to being the worlds largest solar panel installation company too.

Add in the fact that the Tesla Model 3 can be charged with solar energy and you have the makings for a revolutionary new way of living. Everything you do can be done off grid using solar power, all your appliances and even your car can be powered by sustainable energy.

It’s scalable too, so you can invest in the initial PowerWall system, get a solar panel array installed, by your car, and even get your batteries from the same place. Check out Tesla’s Gigafactory too. The largest electric car and battery manufacturing plant in the world.


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