The Price of Solar Power Just Dropped to an Incredible New Low Again

The price for solar power has just dropped to a new low, again. As more and more companies jump on the solar bandwagon and increase production of solar energy the price per kWh drops yet again. This is awesome news from a niche of the energy sector that is growing at an unprecedented rate. Never before in the history of the world since the discovery of oil has there been such growth in a single sector of the energy market. Solar power is growing by leaps and bounds and promises to alleviate the shortcomings of fossil fuel energy.


“A new record low price for solar project bids has been reached, making it the second time this month that previous cost barriers were shattered. This time, the news comes from NV Energy, a Berkshire Hathaway-owned utility company serving the state of Nevada. The utility has signed a PPA to purchase electricity from the 100 MW Playa Solar 2 power plant at the amazingly low price of $0.0387/kWh. This beats the previous record set just a few weeks ago in Austin, Texas, by just a fraction of a penny per kWh. What’s clear is that, as competition heats up to provide less expensive solar power to the grid, we’re looking at a greener future. ~ Inhabitat – The price of solar power drops to an incredible new low (again) | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building