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The Tesla Powerwall could be a game changer in home energy storage

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Many of you probably know that one of the problems with solar power is the efficient storage of any energy you manage to generate during the daytime in order to be able to use at night when you most need it. Standard battery systems, at least for now, are bulky, heavy, and they don’t always make the most of the energy you captured in the day. In fact, they are essentially banks of car batteries that you top off each day with your solar panels, but to power a home requires several banks of these types of batteries connected to one another, which on top of everything else, isn’t all that efficient either and they can be rather expensive when you need several banks of them to do the job.

Well, leave it to Elon Musk and Tesla to come up with a better solution. Not content to revolutionize the electric car in so many ways, including longer lasting batteries that helped make the electric car more practical and useful for more than just short around town trips. Tesla has used that same innovation into a power supply/battery designed for the home. The Tesla Powerwall is a sleek lithium ion power cell that is wall mounted and rated for both indoor and outdoor use. With 6.4kWh of energy storage the Powerwall provides enough energy to power most homes in the evening, or to serve as a backup power supply in a power outage.

If you have more power needs, either because of a larger home, or even if you just want to have something other than a standard diesel generator as a backup, multiple Powerwalls can be installed. With the Powerwall you can either use it to supplement and reduce your energy costs, go to a net zero power consumption level, or use it for a completely off-grid lifestyle to store the energy from your solar, wind, or other sources. The Powerwall can also be charged from the grid if just want a more reliable and efficient backup system if you live in storm prone areas or other areas where brownouts and blackouts are too frequent.

With all the other advances currently being made by Tesla, Solarcity, and with graphene in general, we are entering an age where going off-grid, no matter where you live, should become easier and more affordable to achieve.  Once people are able to power their homes without having to rely on utility companies, who more often than not, produce their energy via coal, oil, or other fossil fuels, and can start to see the benefits of utilizing renewable energy it is a logical next step that they will also work to be more self-sufficient in general, from solar panels to growing at least some of their own food. Tesla and the Powerwall is yet another amazing tool in the pursuit of off-grid living.

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