Time Is Not Money


Time is not money. Time is a medium of exchange. Time has value.

We ALL have the same amount of time available in a day. It’s what we do with our time that matters. Therefore an exchange of time for goods and or services seems logical.

To make it fair, a “1 for 1” exchange rate is put in place regardless of the service being provided. That is the only way to make it fair for everyone.

For example: 1 hour of ditch digging THE SAME as 1 hour of brain surgery. They both cost the same amount of time.

In a traditional way of thinking it doesn’t make sense because our pre-programmed reaction is that “It’s not the same thing.” Saving a life is MORE valuable than digging a ditch. Perhaps…

But not necessarily.

If digging that ditch allows the installation of a sanitation system which treats and purifies waste water and produces potable drinking water then that is worth the same as brain surgery, and I would argue that –in a traditional sense— is worth MORE than one hour of brain surgery.

You could get ridiculous with it and play the WHAT IF game and ask “What if the person being operated on creates a technology that saves the world?” It’s possible that could be the case, but here’s the thing that people don’t usually see.

It does’t matter.

Value is value is value. It’s artificial. It’s dynamic. Value is NOT static or fixed therefore any medium of exchange cannot be fixed for any length of time because over time it changes value depending on demand.

A forklift is not valuable to me if I need a shovel. A shovel is not valuable to me if I need a watch. A watch is not valuable to me if I need clean water to drink.

Something or anything is only as valuable as the value an individual places on it.

The reason for a “1 for 1” rate of exchange is simple. It stops people from saying “MY SERVICE IS MORE VALUABLE THAN YOURS”. It stops elitism. It stops hoarding. It stops over valuation of services.

It stops poverty.

Tangible goods can be bartered and exchanged based on what each party feels is a fair exchange. If all parties are happy with a trade, who is to say their exchange isn’t fair? No one!

If one person has eggs, and another needs eggs, and the one needing eggs offers a Rolex watch for the eggs, and the person with the eggs agrees and is satisfied with that trade, then it’s a fair deal right?

This also works in the reverse. Of course someone trading eggs for a Rolex would be happy to get the Rolex, however you’re probably thinking about the value of the item, and that would be the mistake. The item is only as valuable as the value that someone places on it. When both people are happy. Both people got what they wanted. And a fair deal is done.

It’s very SIMPLE. People value things differently. There is no perfect method of exchange for good or services.

But a 1 for 1 exchange rate on time is very simple and equal and fair.

Further, the way money is used now it’s essentially a fiat currency, meaning there is no inherent tangible value on it other than the value which the government puts on it, AND the perceived value our trust gives the currency. Meaning it’s really not worth anything physically other than the paper and ink, and it’s only really worth something because we say it’s worth something.

On the flip side of that coin, money can buy any good or service AS long as you have money. Which means SPENDING TIME doing something for someone else for LESS of an equal or fair trade.

Businesses profit on our investment of labor. That is justified because you get money, and they get wholesale labor. It’s a trade-off. The company in turn make a profit, and you see none of that profit, yet you still MUST go to work the next day and do it all over again. There is no sharing of the profit with employees (usually). It’s usually a set hourly wage or salary for a quota of labor that must be performed.

This is a value that is placed on your work by the employer (not you), and it works essentially as a dictatorship. The employer tells you how much to work, when to work, and how much you will get paid for that task.

That is fine because you get paid for a job done well. However, that’s not all there is to it. You as an employee then become trapped in a never ending system whereby you MUST work or you will no longer have a place to live because without a job you cannot make the money needed to support your family. Your livelihood becomes attached to your JOB. This is backwards.

It should be the opposite.

The JOB should be attached to your livelihood. Your livelihood and that of your family comes FIRST. Not before your job. Your employer makes MORE than you do. Much more. It’s exploitation of your labor and time which cannot be returned to you. Ever.

Once you spend your time. It’s gone. There is no getting it back.

Problem is most people need to give their time NOW to get money they can spend on goods and services LATER. That is a matter of convenience. Yet it’s not really convenient at all because you sacrifice your time that you could be spending with your family.

We all have the SAME amount of time to give.

Why give it to an employer? Because you NEED to. The system is designed for you to work to make a profit for your employer. You do not profit. Sure you get some things. But you spend your time to make money to spend on bills. To keep a roof over your head, food on the table, and a car in the driveway. This sounds like a good deal. But you’re not working for you or your family. You’re really working for someone else.

THIS is why is doesn’t matter the service being performed, the labor being done. TIME is TIME is TIME. It’s all the same. What we do with our time is up to us. No one can dictate how we spend our time. We set the value of our own time. You alone value what your time is worth.

When you offer 1 hour of time to someone in exchange for 1 hour of their time. That is when trade actually becomes fair. No matter the service rendered.

We all have the same amount of time in a day. When we exchange time for time equally that then becomes TRUE equality.

No one person’s time is worth more than another’s. To everyone an hour is still only 1 hour. 1 minute is 1 minute. It doesn’t matter if someone has 1 hour left to live, someone their time is still just as valuable as with 100 years of life left.

There is no other value system that compares to time. Time works and make work fair to trade. Time is not money. Time is time.

It’s simple reciprocity.

People helping people.

We did it for tens of thousands of years before money was ever invented.

We can do it again.