Tiny Portable Woodstove Perfect Heating Solution For Living Small

This little wood stove is introducing the old world to the new, in a small and portable way. It can be folded up and moved around like a camp stove but allow you to burn wood for heat in your tent, tiny house, or where ever you need it. The pipes fit inside the stove for easy transport and sets up very quickly. Now we can use wood in place of gas and propane heaters, it also has a cooking surface, for making those basic meals out in the woods camping. Or a great addition to your up and coming off grid home as a room heater. This could even be a solution to heating your greenhouse.


Very small and portable it gives us new possibilities when it comes to wood heat where and when we need it. This system was designed for places that need help after a natural disaster like Haiti, it seems a natural fit for outdoors use and back to nature wood heating in small spaces as well. This thing could be fitted into your camper van how cool would that be! For more information click the link below.