V3Solar Cone Shaped Solar Cell Could Produce Up To 20x The Energy.

We see new developments in solar panels on a pretty regular basis these days. From new materials that are lighter, more efficient, and easier to produce to thinner and flexible panels that can be placed in areas traditional panels aren’t practical. Still, most of these new ideas do have something in common, the panels are still essentially flat and need a pretty good amount of space to apply and utilize them to their best. This is why seeing a cone shaped, spinning; solar cell is certainly unique to say the least. Not only that, but the company claims that independent testing has shown that they are capable of producing up to 20 times the electricity of a standard flat panel with the same amount of cells, while requiring a smaller footprint as well.

The company, V3Solar, claims that by using a cone shape and encasing them in a sealed “lens” that they can focus the suns energy more efficiently and create the higher energy outputs. The cells rotate, or spin, by using a small amount of the energy they produce and utilize a maglev system that helps reduce the noise of the cell. Even if the design doesn’t live up to the claims, this is at least another attempt to take a familiar concept and find new ways to configure it to maximize its potential. The benefit of this design, besides the increased energy output, is that you could use fewer cells, taking up much less space, and still have all of your energy needs met. This is something that can be a pretty big deal when you are living off grid, or setting up an urban homestead where space can be at a premium