What Is Your Off Grid Dream of The Perfect Homestead?


What Is Your Idea of The Perfect Off Grid Homestead?

Today I’m going to ask a question. It’s a pretty simple question, but one I think will have a rather complex and diverse answer from everyone, simply because everyone has their own wants and desires when they plan for their off grid move.

To start things off I’d like to share my own dream of my own off grid homestead.



First and foremost I will need to choose the land. I want a place that’s not too cold in the winter, and not to hot in the summer. A location that has mild climate, plenty of sunshine for solar power and warmth, and light winds enough to turn my wind turbine system. Trees! It must have plenty of trees! I like trees. (did I mention I like trees?)

I’d like a place with a clean water source, whether a river, stream, pond, lake, or natural spring.



The cabin will be built using natural material, trees, stone, mud, clay, and recycled and reclaimed wood and other building materials. Not too big, it need not be larger than 500 square feet to start, with the ability to expand and build onto it in the future as my family grows or we need more room.


I’d like a property close to or bordering a national forest. Within 30 minutes of a good sized town for entertainment and shopping, and because I’d like to be able to send my daughter to a good school. Education is the most important thing next to food and water in my opinion when it comes to my child, so my choice of location must take into account her needs before my wants.

Ideally, I’d like to pick a place OUTSIDE of city limits and far enough away from areas governed by strict building code enforcement and restrictions or covenants.


My ideal dream is to have an off grid cabin which produces all it’s own energy through multiple technologies. This does two things. It provides more energy than I could use, and also provides a built in redundancy in case another system breaks down. Lets face it. It will happen. I’ll need to replace batteries, repair turbine blades, repair or replace solar panels, wires, and other electronic components. I still need to generate electricity while one system is down.

The idea is to have a Triple power system, (solar electricity, wind power, solar heat, and two battery banks). Yes I could run directly off of the solar panels and wind turbines, but I’d like to store some energy in case all my systems go out at once, even if that is unlikely. A battery backup is nice. Do I need two? You never know.


Will grow year-round via a hybrid aquaponics system and will also have some small livestock. The aquaponics system I designed myself, and is experimental. I’ll probably have some traditional row crops to supplement the the food supply. I will can and preserve, and will also have a root cellar for storage year round.

This is a good start. I’m sure there are lots of things I’m leaving out like septic system which could be a composting system, but I’ll probably end up using a self contained RV style system, or ordinance and building code in my local area might dictate a traditional septic tank and drain-field. I’ll also have to build pens and paddocks for the livestock as well. Will have to heat the cabin and the water with solar and wind electricity, including solar radiant heating.


What Is Your Off Grid Dream of The Perfect Homestead?