Will Future Cities be Off Grid?

Off Grid Cities

With populations increasing, heavier loads on current city electrical grid systems, changing world climate, drought, brown outs, and massive blackouts lasting longer times before electricity is restored, housing markets crashing, economic recession turning into a depression, unemployment on the rise, and major food shortages worldwide, it makes one wonder what the future will be like.

NOTE: The UN projects the world population to be about 10 billion people in 2100. SOURCE: http://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp/index.htm

Will we all be forced to live in massive apartment complex buildings run on government controlled and regulated policies, attached to a grid that could fail anytime there is more demand.

How will we produce the energy and food needed to feed 10 billion people?

How do we survive when mega city grids fail under the massive strain of 20-30 million people plugged into the electrical grid at once?

What will we do for housing? Our current system cannot support itself much longer without major upgrades to the technology in place now.

Where will the jobs come form to employ 10 billion people?

We need new innovative technologies. How do we keep from stressing the grid to it’s breaking point?

So my question is, what will future cities be like? Will we be connected, off grid, a combination, or will society collapse under the weight of too many people on grid?