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Wind Power Is On The Rise In The Lone Star State.

Wind Power Is On The Rise In The Lone Star State.

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When you think of Texas you probably think of cowboys, pickup trucks, football, and oil, among other things of course. What you probably don’t think of is wind power, but you should. Even though oil is certainly the main fuel source that comes to mind, it isn’t the only player in the state these days. When it comes to power plants in Texas, coal is actually the largest fuel source with natural gas a close second, which tends to go back and forth depending on prices during any quarter, but wind saw its share reach 23% in the last quarter. The increase in wind power is partly due to an increase in capacity and the ability of the grid to handle that increase.

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The market share for wind power will likely keep increasing, but it will probably still be some time before it is a major threat to coal or natural gas, but there are many areas in Texas that are ideal for wind farms, and companies are always looking for ways to expand their power production, which means that wind will almost certainly keep encroaching on the market shares of other sources.

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