Worlds First Rotorless Wind Turbine Makes Wind An Option Almost Everywhere!

When people think of wind power, they often think of large wind turbines that need to be placed fairly high up in order to get the best use of the wind to generate power. However, since last year, a German company, luv wind, has been producing a system that does away with the propellers that are commonly envisioned when we discuss wind turbines. The new concept can be used in areas with directional wind, is safe for wildlife, and at common operating speeds is whisper quiet. The low profile and availability in vertical or horizontal axis, allows them to more easily blend in to their surroundings, be placed on the corner or buildings, or even on top of various solar collection platforms to add an additional power supply. They can also be used in an array in order to operate as an Energy Return System for commercial HVAC units and their overall design seems ideally suited to urban environments which is good news for urban homesteaders and those who want to go off the grid while still living in the city.

dsc01916 LWS Turbine in conjunction with solar system