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About Off Grid World

Off Grid World is about living off the grid, sustainable living, and helping readers empower their independence. We cover all aspects of off-grid living, from sustainable homes and renewable energy to growing food, preparedness, and homesteading.

What is off-grid living?

The simple answer: living off the grid means living disconnected from the public power grid. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

For our purposes, off the grid represents a whole lifestyle shift toward a more sustainable existence. You may not be able to uproot your world and move to your secluded off-grid dream property in the mountains – yet – but regardless of where you live, you can make small changes in other areas of your life to become more sustainable and self-reliant. These changes can include:

  • Growing your own food, whether you live on hundreds of acres or in an urban apartment.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle to avoid the endless cycle of disease, hospitals, and medications that so many people find themselves caught up in.
  • Achieving financial freedom by living with less, saving more, and enjoying life, all while refusing to become a slave to debt.
  • Choosing sustainable alternatives when making everyday consumer choices; reducing waste, upcycling materials, and helping to create a greener world.
  • Utilizing sustainable resources such as solar and wind power and water catchment systems.
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Meet Our Contributors

Since 2012, Off Grid World has been a hub of off-grid and sustainable living resources. Our writers come from diverse backgrounds and experiences and enjoy sharing information with like-minded readers.

The following writers are our regular contributors to Off Grid World and/or Off Grid Journal:

Shannon is the editor and publisher at Off Grid World and the founding editor of Off Grid Journal. She is a certified Master Gardener specializing in growing in cold climates and indoor gardening. Growing up in Wyoming, she could usually be found on the back of a horse or in the barn tending to chickens and goats. Later years brought her to a cattle ranch in Nebraska, then to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, where she now lives with her family. For over a decade, she has written about sustainability topics for various publications and is dedicated to helping others live more self-reliant lives.

Rebekah is a mom of 4 who is passionate about cooking and sharing food with family and friends, and inspiring others with her family’s homestead journey on their 120-acre cattle farm in central Alabama. On her blog – Rivers Family Farm – you’ll find simple and healthy recipes using old-fashioned ingredients like raw milk, homemade butter and lard, freshly milled whole grains, fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden, and home-raised chicken, turkey, pork, and beef.

Tina runs a blog called Stretch and Folds focusing on easy sourdough baking. She lives in Europe and helps readers adjust recipes to fit their schedule, making sourdough baking simple for busy people. Tina is from Slovenia, a country next to Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. This mix of neighbors gives her recipes a rich and diverse taste. She shares tips and recipes that are easy to follow, aiming to make sourdough part of everyday meals. Her approach is practical, perfect for anyone looking to bake sourdough without complexity

Jason has an engineering and problem-solving background and is the founder of He is an avid outdoorsman, survivalist, and competitive shooter. He enjoys researching the best and most practical solutions for the problem at hand, studying stoicism, and finding innovative ways to be prepared for emergencies and live a self-sustaining lifestyle.

Paige started City Folk Homestead after two years of homesteading and feeling like there was still so much more to learn and so much to share. Her goal is to encourage others to start their homesteading journey wherever they are and to learn from her mistakes. There are days filled with over-proofed bread and science experiments growing in mason jars in the basement pantry, and also days filled with excitement as the family learns to build with their hands and grow in valuable life skills and knowledge. Paige’s vision for City Folk Homestead is to build confidence in doing, give grace in failing, and serve with a joyful heart.

When not homesteading, gardening, and playing with her dogs at her off-grid home – 4Fords – or camping, backpacking, and hiking with her husband Alan across the Southwest, Rusty, with a doctorate in nursing, is a part-time professor of mental health for online college students. She worked as a psychiatric nurse and psychotherapist for many years before turning to education. Since leaving the East Coast as a teen in the 70s, she has lived in rural areas of England, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, and now, New Mexico, always in search of the most remote, beautiful spots to hide out in.

    Do you have an off grid or sustainable living story that would inspire others? Are you interested in becoming a contributor to Off Grid World or Off Grid Journal? Contact us – we’d love to share your story!

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