Off grid heating

The Best Off Grid Heating Systems 

Today, many people are pursuing the off grid lifestyle for a myriad of different reasons. For some, the money saving benefits are most appealing,...
Uses for as survival knife

Top 10 Uses For A Survival Knife

A knife is an essential survival tool that you should always have when heading out for an outdoor adventure. It is both a knife...
Superfood garden

How To Grow A Superfood Garden

News about so-called superfoods is everywhere, touting their abilities to do everything from relieving pain to preventing cancer. But what is it that makes...
Off grid earthship

Living Off Grid In An Incredible Renovated Earthship

Based in a remote village in Quebec, Canada, Marie and Francis live off grid in this beautifully renovated earthship. They grow their own food, collect...

Sustainable Homes

Insulating a shipping container

8 Factors To Keep In Mind When Insulating A Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes are growing in popularity, as you probably know if you're reading this. Insulating a shipping container is an important step of...
Off grid shipping container home

Off Grid Shipping Container Home In California

In the high desert of Joshua Tree, California, 'The Haven', a cozy shipping container home with a rooftop deck, sits completely off the grid...

Sustainable Living