Apartment prepper

20 Tips for the Apartment Prepper

by Aaron Green We usually associate preppers as country dwellers, but, actually, city prepping could be even more essential should the need for survival skills...
Sustainable living

How to Make Living Green a Bit More Fun

by Tracy Plunkett If you try to live green as much as possible, there is no denying that you are making a difference in the...
Shipping container bridge

19 Unique Uses for Shipping Containers

by Cory Levins When you think of shipping containers, you probably imagine large steel boxes that are used to haul large hazardous materials and other...
subsistence farming

Subsistence Farming in Cold Climates

by Kylie Johnson Subsistence farming is a term often heard in today’s world. The hubbub is growing and the concept seems more than plausible enough....

Sustainable Homes

how to build an earthbag house

How to Build an Earthbag House (and Why You Should)

Earthbag construction is an amazingly sustainable building method and has been a popular topic for years in the off grid community. For those new...
off grid tiny house

Incredible Off Grid Tiny House Built By Pro Snowboarder

Hundreds of competitions on the professional snowboarding circuit brought Mike Basich fame and plenty of money to purchase the American dream: the 4,000 square...

Sustainable Living