solar energy

The Potential of Solar Energy to Mitigate Climate Change

by Ovidiu Popescu Climate Change is probably one of the top global challenges that we need to act upon jointly. As French President Emmanuel Macron...
low maintenance garden

How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

How do you create a low maintenance garden? Huge gardens sound great in theory. They also look fantastic outside stately homes, on our screens...
Chainsaw off grid tools

Top 5 Most Neglected (But Essential) Power Tools for Off Grid Living

Off-grid living requires the use of tools. How else are you going to build and continue to maintain your homestead? Not only do the...

Biofuels: Is the Future Bright or Bleak?

by Giles Kirkland Biofuels are one of the most promising forms of renewable fuel sources available on the market today. As we edge closer towards...

Sustainable Homes

tiny house ark shelter

Ark Shelter Tiny Home Provides Luxury Off Grid Living

Simple elegance is the standard that a group of architecture students held themselves to when designing the Ark Shelter, a stunning minimalist tiny home. ...

Seriously Off Grid on a Shoestring: Couple Lives Off Grid on Their Own Terms

Years ago I was a prepper too. I had bought in into one particular scenario and all these variables were supposedly coming to a...

Sustainable Living

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