how to build an earthbag house

How to Build an Earthbag House (and Why You Should)

Earthbag construction is an amazingly sustainable building method and has been a popular topic for years in the off grid community. For those new...
off grid security

Off the Grid Security: How to Keep Your Home Safe while Living off the...

by Conrad Novak While living off the grid can provide you an immense sense of freedom, it also carries with it a similar degree of...
keep chickens warm

8 ‘Off the Grid’ Ways to Keep Chickens Warm in Winter

Chickens are said to have descended from dinosaurs, and even a mass extinction couldn’t entirely wipe out those ancestral giants. While chicken owners may...
emergency preparedness

How to Prepare for Emergencies While Living Off the Grid

Living off-grid does not mean complete isolation. Dedicated agriculturalists and citizens living self-sustainable lifestyles are affected by the same weather disasters and unexpected emergencies...

Sustainable Homes

alaskan mountain treehouse

Stunning Treehouse Sits Nestled In Alaskan Wilderness

What could possibly be more dreamy than a gorgeous treehouse nestled in the Alaskan wilderness? Not much, right? This beautiful treehouse, built by Nelson...
off grid yurt

This Couple Lives Year Round In Their Off Grid Yurt

Yurts have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years as people gravitate toward eco-friendly and inexpensive shelters. These lightweight tent-like structures are...

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