alaskan mountain treehouse

Stunning Treehouse Sits Nestled In Alaskan Wilderness

What could possibly be more dreamy than a gorgeous treehouse nestled in the Alaskan wilderness? Not much, right? This beautiful treehouse, built by Nelson...
ways to preserve herbs

7 Easy Ways To Preserve Herbs From Your Garden

If you grow herbs in your garden, you probably have tons of them ready to harvest now that winter is creeping up on us. ...
transparent solar panels

Your Windows May One Day Power Your Home

Let's face it: as much as we love solar energy, the solar panels most of us are used to seeing can be bulky, unsightly,...
off grid yurt

This Couple Lives Year Round In Their Off Grid Yurt

Yurts have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years as people gravitate toward eco-friendly and inexpensive shelters. These lightweight tent-like structures are...

Sustainable Homes

Seriously Off Grid on a Shoestring: Couple Lives Off Grid on Their Own Terms

Years ago I was a prepper too. I had bought in into one particular scenario and all these variables were supposedly coming to a...

The “Intellectual” Tiny Home Is Sleek, Modern Design In A….Shipping Container?!?

Whether they are custom built from scratch, 3D printed, utilize found materials, or are converted shipping containers, there seems to be no shortage of...

Sustainable Living

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