Off grid earthship

Living Off Grid In An Incredible Renovated Earthship

Based in a remote village in Quebec, Canada, Marie and Francis live off grid in this beautifully renovated earthship. They grow their own food, collect...
Living off the land

Everything You Need To Know About Living Off The Land

The Earth is bountiful enough that those who possess the right amount of fortitude, problem-solving skills, and survival know-how can turn a small plot...
Foraging wild edibles

Survival Fundamentals: Foraging Wild Edibles (Without Killing Yourself!)

In part one of our survival fundamentals series, we discussed the rule of 3 and how to find and purify water in the wilderness....
Finding water in the wild

Survival Fundamentals – Finding Water In The Wilderness

According to a study by the Wilderness Medical Society, 78,488 individuals became lost in the wilderness between the 1992 and 2007. 2,659 died, 24,288...

Sustainable Homes

Off grid shipping container home

Off Grid Shipping Container Home In California

In the high desert of Joshua Tree, California, 'The Haven', a cozy shipping container home with a rooftop deck, sits completely off the grid...
Cabin with living roof

This Little Cabin With Living Roof Is An Impressive Design Studio

Every so often we come across designers who flawlessly actualize the vision so many of us hold of the perfect off grid cabin. This...

Sustainable Living