Preparing for a pandemic

5 Must-Have Items You Need in Case of a Pandemic

Living off the grid is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint and lower energy costs. But what happens when there's a global...
Cabin with living roof

This Little Cabin With Living Roof Is An Impressive Design Studio

Every so often we come across designers who flawlessly actualize the vision so many of us hold of the perfect off grid cabin. This...
Shipping container home De Lux

De Lux Shipping Container Home by Relevant

At 900 square feet and packed with modern amenities, the De Lux shipping container home by Relevant Buildings truly lives up to its name....
Working off the grid

Living Off-Grid While Still Keeping a Job

The water bill is high this month, it seems as though your electric bill is forever on the rise, and you worry about all...

Sustainable Homes

The alpha tiny house

The Alpha Tiny House With Beautiful Natural Lighting

The Alpha is a gorgeous tiny house built by New Frontier Tiny Homes in Nashville, TN. The modern and fully functional interior is beautifully...
Hobbit tiny cabin

A Unique Hobbit Tiny Cabin in Norway

Imagine for a moment a gorgeous tiny cabin, situated beneath a mound of earth and blanketed in green grasses and flowers. Wood-framed windows gaze...

Sustainable Living