shipping container home on wheels

11 Shipping Container Homes You Can Buy Right Now

If you are at all interested in alternative dwellings, you know how popular shipping container homes are now. Shipping containers make great building blocks...
Light deprivation growing

Double Your Backyard Yield: Light Deprivation Growing for Homesteading

Homesteading is back on the rise. A simple search will bring up tons of lists, each including dozens of reasons people are enamored with...

Biomimicry – 6 Amazing Innovations Inspired by Nature

"We are surrounded by genius" -Janine Benyus. Take a moment to slow down. Truly look at your surroundings. Breath in the oxygen that keeps us...
Indoor gardening

How to Easily Maximize Plant Growth in Your Indoor Garden

Whether you lack a traditional outdoor garden due to living in the city or a small apartment, or simply want easy access to fresh...

Sustainable Homes

hemp home

This Little House is Absolutely Incredible – and it’s Made From Hemp!

This beautiful little home in Australia, called Skyfarm, was built with hempcrete - a hemp-based bio-composite material. In their search for nontoxic components to...
mn camper cabin

Whitetail Woods Tiny Cabins Provide Respite in a Metropolitan Park

Perched above the ground and tucked into the pine trees against a hillside, three matching cabins accommodate guests seeking a relaxing respite from city...

Sustainable Living