heirloom seeds

Heirloom, Organic, and Hybrid Seeds: Which are Best?

I don't know about you, but choosing garden seeds and plants every year is ridiculously enjoyable for me. I could sit and flip through...
how to choose the best survival gear

How to Choose the Best Possible Emergency and Survival Gear

by Vincent West Whether we are referring to forests, deserts or other geographies, the outdoors can be very dangerous at times. If you decide to...
fastest growing vegetables

The Fastest Growing Vegetables and Fruits Every Survivalist Should Know How to Grow

by Aaron Green In times of scarcity, we can’t rely on the food industry to provide us with enough to eat. If you look back...
garden shed greenhouse

Greenhouse Garden Shed Doubles as a Tiny Lakeside Retreat

Overlooking a lake in Finland, this prefab greenhouse doubles as a beautiful tiny retreat for designer Linda Bergroth. The greenhouse shed concept is the...

Sustainable Homes

tiny cottage finland

Tiny Cottage In Finland Is An Ecological Urban Retreat

In Finland, it is typical to find camping areas within cities so locals can spend time in nature without venturing far from home. I...
luxury container home

Luxury Container Home For Under $35k

Shipping container homes have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Subsequently, we notice many new, talented designers and builders creating stunning...

Sustainable Living

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