tiny house ark shelter

Ark Shelter Tiny Home Provides Luxury Off Grid Living

Simple elegance is the standard that a group of architecture students held themselves to when designing the Ark Shelter, a stunning minimalist tiny home. ...

WaterSeer Provides Endless Supply Of Pure Water From Thin Air

Did you know there is more water in the atmosphere than in all the rivers and fresh water reservoirs on the planet?  That's more...
luminaid solar lantern

This Inflatable, Waterproof Solar Lantern Is Ideal For Survival & Adventure

The links in this post may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.   I was flipping through my Entrepreneurship class textbook a few nights...
india trees

52 BILLION TREES Planted in the USA Annually?

We could plant 52 BILLION TREES ANNUALLY! If America wanted to, we could plant this many trees and more. Watch the video below and...
hoop house raised garden

Hinged Hoop House Raised Bed Garden

If you are trying to grow a garden in a colder climate, a hoop house is one way to give plants an early start...

Sustainable Living

Seriously Off Grid on a Shoestring: Couple Lives Off Grid on Their Own Terms

Years ago I was a prepper too. I had bought in into one particular scenario and all these variables were supposedly coming to a...

Confessions of a Wannabe Off Gridder

You know, when I first started Off Grid World I thought I'd be living off grid soon. I wanted to move off grid. I...

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