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100% Off Grid Tiny House w/Built-in Rainwater Collector & Solar Power

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This tiny house built by carpenter Dimka Wintzel and designed by Walden Studio is 100% off grid, powered by solar panels, heated by a wood stove, and has a built-in rainwater collection and filtration system. These 3 things are quickly becoming “standard” on tiny houses and portable off grid cabins all over the world. Septic is handled by a composting toilet and shower.


Walden Studios


Along with Lena, Laurens and Vincent Walden Studio  we have the following cabin realized Marjolein. The cottage is utmost Bio-Based and built ecologically, and is designed to be completely self-sufficient. it is heated by a wood stove, electricity is generated by solar panels and hot water and cooking works on LPG. For clean water is added later to an installation that filters the rainwater from the roof and is suitable as drinking water. ~

The tiny house world is quickly standardizing many of the features that go into tiny houses and small cabins. Sustainable living means being self-sufficient. This tiny house does that by including all the essentials in one package. Something we’ve been saying for years now.

A small off grid cabin that is 100% self-sufficient. Provides its own water, power, and septic. On top of that, it’s portable! This means no matter what you can go anywhere you want and take your home with you.

There’s a new movement going on, and the tiny house world is it. It’s homesteading meets travel. It’s off grid meets sustainable living.

This is quickly becoming a very exciting time we live in.

Tiny houses are here to stay!