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12 Impressive Pallet Fence Ideas Anyone Can Build

12 Impressive Pallet Fence Ideas Anyone Can Build

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Building a pallet fence could very well be one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to meet your fencing needs. Wood pallets are abundant just about everywhere and can often be found for free from businesses in your area. With a few additional materials, you could turn a heap of pallets that would otherwise be bound for the dump into attractive, functional fencing on your property.  

We’ve shown you some pretty cool upcycled wood pallet projects before, including a greenhouse made from old pallets and a beautifully upcycled pallet front porch. When it comes to fencing, pallets make the ideal building block and are certainly a logical and budget-friendly option for DIY fence builders to consider.

Wood pallets

Pallet Fence Pros and Cons

While you’ll likely not find an easier or cheaper fencing material, there are a few factors to keep in mind before forging ahead with your pallet fence project. Below are some of the pros and cons of using pallets as fencing material. 

Pallet fence pros:

Cost. Chances are you can find pallets very cheap or for free with minimal effort. Check with businesses in your area or look at your local online classifieds and you’ll likely find business owners that are happy to be rid of their unused pallets.

Convenience. Since pallets are pre-built into a sturdy square or rectangle shape, they are like fence panels ready to be placed with little additional preparation or assembly required. 

Durability. Wood pallets are built to withstand very heavy loads and weathering, so they are naturally a stable and resilient fencing component.

Upcyle! If you build your fence with used pallets, you are utilizing a material that might end up in a dump or just sit around in an unsightly pile for years. We see this happen all the time in our area; stacks of old pallets that end up in piles behind warehouses for years. 

Wood shipping pallets

Pallet fence cons:

Aesthetics. While some people like the rustic appearance of pallets, some find the look a little too rough. This could be remedied with some sanding and paint, but it depends on how much work you want to put into them.

Pallets also may not be a fencing option in areas with housing covenants that permit only specific types of fencing. 

Size. If you need a tall fence, pallets may not work unless you stack them. As a privacy fence, for example, most pallets are too short. They may also be inadequate for some livestock and for dogs that are jumpers. Additionally, the space between the slats makes pallets inconvenient for keeping small animals contained unless the pallets are covered in chicken wire.

Pallets do come in a variety of sizes, however, so you may be able to find some that are ideal for your project. 

Safety. Not all pallets are created equal. Some are treated with harsh chemicals to keep pests at bay, while others are heat-treated for this purpose. We have touched on this in previous articles, and Instructables has a great guide on how to determine whether or not a pallet is safe for use.

In short, opt for heat-treated pallets for use around your property rather than chemically-treated pallets. 

Pallet Fence Ideas

Whatever it is you need a fence for, pallets are versatile enough to suit all kinds of situations. From garden fences to compost bins, here are a few inspiring examples:

Chicken yard

Pallet chicken run

Pallet chicken run – Attainable Sustainable

Using pallets to build a chicken run is brilliant, in my opinion. As you can see in this example from Attainable Sustainable, these pallets are the perfect size for letting this flock of chickens out to roam. This was built using 4×4 posts as support between the pallets.

Pallet chicken yard

Pallet chicken run – Attainable Sustainable

Many chicken breeds can fly over a fence this high, so covering the top of the run with chicken wire or netting may be necessary to keep your flock completely contained. 

Compost bin 

Wood pallet compost bins

Pallet compost bins – Joe Gardener

If you’re looking for an easy way to fence off your compost pile, pallets are the perfect solution. This 3-bin compost system was made by Joe Gardener, and is similar to the DIY pallet compost bins we wrote about a few years ago.

I had a compost bin made out of pallets at my previous home, and it worked brilliantly. The fence kept my dogs and young kids out of the compost pile while containing everything in just the right amount of space.  

Garden fence 

Pallet garden fence

Pallet garden fence – Two Bears Farm

Keeping critters out of the garden can be a challenge, especially when new plants are small and easy to walk on (or eat!). The folks over at Two Bears Farm built this pallet fence on the cheap to protect their beautiful garden. 

Pallet garden fence

Garden fence made of pallets – The Spruce

This cute garden fence from The Spruce is a very simple layout using just 10 pallets attached to 4×4 posts. This looks incredibly sturdy, with a convenient hinged gate for access. 

Pallet garden fence

Pallet garden fence – Pinterest

This fence, as seen on Pinterest, is another super simple way to fence off a garden with pallets. This one looks like it does the job quite well, with the added benefit of providing extra planting space at the top of the pallets! 

More pallet Fence Ideas

Want some more pallet fence inspiration? Whether you need a unique privacy fence, a dog pen, or just a quick way to fence off your yard, following are more creative ways people have utilized pallets on their properties. 

Pallet fence ideas

Pallet fence – source unknown

These pallets were stained and, with a little tweaking, turned into planters. This is such a cool idea and it resulted in a truly beautiful and practical fence for this yard. 

Black pallet fence

Black pallet fence – source unknown

Pallets are particularly striking when painted black, as you can see here. This homeowner also added planters to their fence by attaching hanging pots in various colors. Very creative idea!   

Planted pallet privacy fence

Planted pallet privacy fence – source unknown

Though we said most pallets are too short for a privacy fence, some creative stacking can make it possible. And the plants are a beautiful touch. We’re seeing a common theme here with plants!  

Pallet patio fence

Patio surround – 1001 Pallets

If you can find pallets in good condition, you really can create a beautiful fence. It’s hard to believe that fences like this nice patio surround from 1001 Pallets were nearly free to build. 

Pallet fence for dogs

Pallet dog fence – Hometalk

Rectangle pallets set on their short end are the ideal height for containing dogs. This fence from Hometalk is reinforced with wire tall enough to keep smaller pets in.    

Building a Pallet Fence

Ready to tackle your fencing project with pallets? Excellent! First things first, you need to find the pallets and, as mentioned above, ensure they meet safety standards. Next, decide how many you’ll need based on the size of pallets you find and how big an area you plan to fence. Finally, decide how you’ll attach them to each other and anchor them into the ground.

As you can see with the ideas presented in this article, building a fence with pallets can be done in a variety of ways. The method you choose will depend on your preferences, budget, and intended use. See the videos below for a couple more ideas on how to build your pallet fence step-by-step.  



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Pallet fence ideas

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