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$50 Simple Solar Still Makes Salt Water Drinkable

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This solar still, designed by Italian freelance designer Gabriele Diamanti, makes potable drinking water from salt water. It can be used in arid coastal regions all over the world to produce drinking water for those in need.

The still works by filling the black boiler with saltwater in the morning, then tightening the cap. As the temperature rises throughout the day, pressure grows inside the still, and steam is forced down through a pipe. The steam is condensed into fresh water and collected in the lid. 


Gabriele Diamanti has designed the system to be Open Sourced, meaning the design is freely available to anyone in the world, to modify improve and build their own Eliodomestico solar still.

The device produces about 5 liters of drinking water per day and costs about $50.

You could also use an idea like this for an off grid homestead as well, particularly as a backup or emergency water source. The design is simple and elegant, while still providing a powerful practical application.

Water is our life, without clean potable drinking water we could not survive. Millions die every year due to lack of potable drinking water sources, or limited access to clean water. This could go a long way to helping solve the water problem.




CREATOR & project page:

HOW IT WORKS:—how-does-it-work/

Creative Commons License The Eliodomestico is licensed under a
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License

Eliodomestico is an open project, free to the people who need it.


Friday 6th of December 2013

How much sun does this need? i.e. Would it work in Canada?

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Sunday 1st of December 2013

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