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600 Watt Water Powered Generator Made from an Old Washing Machine

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Homemade 600 Watt generator made from an old washing machine! If you’re going to live off the grid and generate your own power you have to choose how you’re going to provide that power in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Everything you do must of course be sustainable and allow you to be 100% self reliant and independent.

There are many ways to get the job done when considering how you’re going to generate electricity for your homestead. Most likely you’ll have solar panels and probably a wind turbine for a back up or supplemental power. You’ll also probably have a battery bank, and maybe even a back-up battery bank to supply power in the event your main battery bank goes offline for any reason.

Point being you’re going to need a back up eventually, and that is all about being prepared. Being prepared also means you need to have multiple redundant systems in place to supply your electricity in the event one or more of your power generating systems is fried by lighting, a tree falling on your solar panels, a storm knocking out your wind turbine, or an asteroid smashing your battery bank shed. (Hey, it could happen.)

So, it makes sense to have the option to power your homestead with multiple generators. This is how you convert an old washing machine into a generator.

Free power from a recycled washing machine, generating enough to live off the grid

Angry Ram | YouTube

The original washing machine generator, from Marty T on YouTube:

F&P washing machine stator rewiring tutorial

Marty T | YouTube

Here’s a detailed video on how to rewire the stator.

As with all things safety is paramount, and if you choose to do make one of these make sure you know what you are doing or get an electrician to rewire it for you.

This machine has the potential to power multiple appliances in your home, and best of all it’s powered by water.


WARNING: This video is intended for information purposes only, working with electricity can be dangerous, If you are not qualified, please consult an electrician before attempting any wiring shown in this video. I’ve been living off the grid for a few years now, using a converted water powered F&P washing machine motor to generate more than enough power to run all the appliances & hot water I use in my cabin in the woods in Nelson NZ, as well as powering all the tools I use in my workshop. In that time I’ve saved many thousands of dollars from not having to pay power bills. In this detailed video I’ll show you how it’s done. ~ BuddHanz

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