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Be-Wind Breakthrough in Small Wind Technology

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Be-Wind’s urban and distributed wind technology is a breakthrough in small wind technology. Berdan-Tech LLC discusses why. Be-Wind has developed a patented breakthrough in vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) design. The evolution of wind (EOW) system provides low cost, efficient energy production, with artistic elegance, ease of installation, low maintenance, very low noise emission, upgradability and superb structural strength for extreme weather conditions. Having developed the world’s first dual axis wind turbine to enter the distributed small wind technology market, our system is generations above anyone in this field.


The EOW systems enter into the market at models producing under 10kW. This means it is perfectly con gured for the urban and distributed energy market share. There are three systems currently in production, all of which are focused on the same technology foundation: dual axis with de ector technology, august rotor design and controlled blade gapping.

This revolutionary new design stems from years of technology development in aerospace and manufacturing, along with expertise in the wind technology market.

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This technology offers design, structure, performance and exibility, and has driven some of the major corporations to accept us as part of their green initiatives. L’Oréal Cosmetics, for

EOW-100 2.0 kW system standing 6ft tall and weighing 325lbs. Con gured for remote high wind locations, such as Telecom, Remote Mountain, ocean oil rigs, portable container systems, and extreme situation power requirements. With both grid tie and storage capacity applications


Eow-300 5.0 kW system standing 10ft tall at 450lbs con gured for larger homes, businesses and small wind farm applications. Also developed around our technology of low wind speed start-up and self- regulated high wind speed control example, has selected Be-Wind and its products as their rst choice in renewable wind technology in 2016. Several other major players have added us to their portfolio for their upcoming initiative projects as well, including educational facilities and a number of major universities. The Caribbean has accepted us as a major player to support the development of renewables. With continuing development and added accessories, the Be-Wind product clearly stands out in a crowd.



EOW-200 3.0 kW system standing 8ft tall at 375lbs. congured for local/city environments, small business and remote housing locations. Our flagship product and most popular system to date. Developed around the same technology of low wind speed locations and extreme wind conditions. Averaging 6,000-9,000kW annually.

Be-Wind is entering the small wind market (<10kW) at the right time. Small wind is building momentum both domestically and on a global scale as part of a diverse community of distributed renewable energy platforms. Rising energy costs, climate change, government incentive programmes (federal, state and local) along with utility company feed-in-tariffs are driving the adaptation of small wind, and robust industry associations (WWEA, AWEA, CanWEA) have formed, bringing stability and credibility to the testing and certification process.


Whether on or offgrid, customers value VAWTs because they operate in low shifting winds (e.g. urban settings, close proximity to ground <8mph), are both quiet and ef cient, protect wildlife and are simply more attractive in their design. Borrowing from

Nature and applying aerospace technology and materials, the EOW family takes costs to a more affordable level of approximately $4,000 (~€3,627) per kW, which is 20-30% less than our competitors, yet maintains a 25-30% higher ef ciency in energy production.

Technology overview and competitive advantage

The EOW ‘Made in America’ turbine is a patented dual axis vertical turbine with a unique structural foundation, offering a number of features such as: expandability within the structure, lightweight aerospace materials, corrosion-resistant anodised aluminum, built-in blade RPM restrictions and auto-rotating structures for wind direction performance, dual generators for redundancy power, simple assembly and installation, colour co-ordination for special locations and/or environmental impact, and portability design for disaster recovery and rst responder applications. The products are designed in 3D with stress analysis, computational uid dynamics, real world testing and CNC machined for accurate assembly and performance.

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