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Check Out This 3D Printed Smart Home!

Check Out This 3D Printed Smart Home!

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If you are looking for a rugged, do it yourself, roughing it type of lifestyle, then this isn’t the off grid tiny home for you. If you like technology, gadgets, and being controlling things with your phone, well then you might want to take a close look at this option from PassivDom. O.k. well they do have a more limited option that lacks all the bells and whistles but the overall design is certainly more of a modern and minimalist approach that seems more like a luxury hotel suite than a rugged off grid cabin or tiny home. With large floor to ceiling windows, a clean white interior, and options galore, it won’t be confused with a rustic cabin, but with the best thermal ratings on the market, windows that are as well insulated as walls, a carbon frame, and security system; it isn’t just a pretty face either. It is as tough as they come.


Image Credit: PassivDom

PassivDom, based in the Ukraine but available here in the U.S. as well (as far as I can tell at least), has used 3D printing to make a top of the line, modern, high tech, and fully off grid tiny home or cabin that can either be a bare bones model that you add to yourself by connecting to your own power, water, sewage, or a fully autonomous unit that comes with integrated solar, fully working bathroom, kitchen, grey water filtration, water collection and storage tanks, and all the furnishings, is connected to the web and uses an app to monitor everything from the temperature to the CO2 levels in your home.  They have easy pricing, what you see is what you get, and the options packages mean you can go with a cheaper option to finish yourself, or you can get a model that is move in ready as soon as the next day, right down to the wine glasses and kitchen utensils.

Of course if you opt for a larger model, with the fully autonomous package, you are looking at just over $100,000, but if you want a single module (around 378 sq ft), you are looking at a price range around $65,000 for the all inclusive model or as low as around $30,000 for the more basic option. Keep in mind that the fully autonomous versions come with the integrated solar and water filtration systems, while the other options will require you to connect to your own power source. Still, close to 400 sq feet for a single module (you can combine more than one and they offer custom options as well), that is essentially a self contained, mobile, green tiny home or cabin, for under $70, 000 isn’t a bad deal, especially when you can move in the next day in most cases.

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