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Gorgeous Tiny Cottages From Salvaged Materials

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These adorable cottages in Portland, Oregon are truly beautiful examples of small-scale dwellings with all the amenities necessary for comfortable living. Best of all, they were built using mostly salvaged materials! 

Fair Companies takes us on a tour of these two little homes. Each is 364 square feet of  living space with many creative and functional features. 


Fair Companies | YouTube


Each dwelling has been designed and hand built from the ground up by the owners. The structures have been crafted to harmonize elegantly with the historic, simple working-class structures and ornate victorians of the area.



Fair Companies | YouTube

The siding on this cottage is made from tomato sauce cans from a local pizza shop – a free and fire-resistant alternative to traditional siding.


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Each cottage has a small outdoor patio to enjoy a brief (or not so brief) moment of vitamin D-rich sunshine or to reflect upon the subtle hues of grey of a passing cloud. A small front porch allows a visitor to linger and consider interacting in the public domain from a place of privacy. Simple furnishings, simple kitchens, simple living; yet not without attention to details. – Portland Garden Cottages


Fair Companies | YouTube

The walls are finished with paper – paper bags, shopping sacks, and painter’s paper – and covered with linseed oil for durability and water resistance.


A ladder gives access to the loft, which is used as a studio in this cottage. There is also a smaller front loft that looks out the circle window at the peak of the roof.


Fair Companies | YouTube

Old patio doors give way to the bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower.


Fair Companies | YouTube

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