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HomeBiogas Unit Can Provide Gas For Cooking As Well As Fertilizer For Gardening

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Going off grid can mean different things to different people, but a basic idea for most, is getting away from utility companies and being able to provide electricity, heating/cooling, and the ability to cook, without being hooked up to the grid.

There are new advances and ideas emerging at a fairly rapid pace right now, and one idea is to turn compost into biogas you can use for your home. Not only does it produce usable biogas for cooking, but it also turns the organic waste into a liquid fertilizer that you can use for growing vegetables, which you can then use any waste to continue the cycle.


HomeBiogas is a unit intended for the average home, and it can turn 2.2lbs of organic waste into 7 cubic feet of gas. That is enough to do more than a day’s worth of cooking for most families.

The environmental benefits also mean less waste in landfills, as well as being able to offset the carbon emissions of 1 car per unit so there is an appeal to those who may still be on the grid but are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Add in that the savings in gas and fertilizer per year will have the unit paying for itself in just under 3 years, and it is appealing on a financial level too.

They are currently fundraising on Indiegogo*, but the units have been produced by an Israeli company and have been in use for a few years already. They are trying to take it to a consumer-level for off grid/homesteading and those who want to help the environment.


*It looks like they exceeded their goal but there is plenty of information on the Indiegogo site.