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How To Build A Square Log Cabin

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How to build a square log cabin, or rather, a cabin with square-but logs. A square log cabin is a traditional hewn log design with squared Dovetail notched corners.

It’s a bit more of a labor intensive design than traditional log cabin builds, but affords a nice, clean look.

This is a simple, efficient, and elegant little square log cabin built using dovetail notches rather than the more familiar saddle notched log corners.

See the video below to see how this cozy little cabin was built.

square log cabin dovetail notched corner


Some features of building using this method – 

  • Fast! No scribing or laying out the cut lines. It takes less than 4 minutes to cut all the notches on a log with the jigs! Notch logs for an entire cabin shell in a day! (The logs in the picture above were all sawn, notched and stacked in a weekend! Much of that time, I worked alone.)

  • Easy! Simply attach the jigs to the log with drywall screws. Fire up your chainsaw and the jig will guide each cut.

  • Precise! The jigs allow you to make perfect cuts everytime. No need to make adjustments to the notch after setting the log in place. 

  • Low Cost! You can build your log dovetail jigs using just 3/4″ birch plywood and drywall screws. A few nuts and bolts and two small pieces of wood are also needed for the chainsaw guide. Including the cost of the plans, you will have invested less than $85 for everything (except the chainsaw).  Note, the plans cost $25 and can be purchased here.

  • Safety! Cut all of your notches while standing on the ground. No need to climb up 10 feet in the air to swing that hatchet or operate the chainsaw.




What do you think? It certainly looks beautiful!


Monday 30th of September 2019

Where is a good place to ask questions about square log cabin building?