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How To Make a Glass Arrowhead From an Old Beer Bottle

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Knowledge is power, and being able to build your own tools for survival is important.

Flintknapping, or knapping, is the art of shaping flint or other types of stone into tools and weapons such as arrowheads and spearheads. Once a necessary skill for human survival, knapping has, for the most part, become a lost art in modern society, with the exception of a few enthusiasts.

Knapping is a skill many survivalists strive to learn, but honing the skill and finding the right types of stone can be challenging for beginners. It takes a great deal of practice and patience to turn a piece of stone into a usable tool or weapon.

Did you know glass can be used to make arrowheads? When learning flintknapping and practicing to improve your skills, you will go through plenty of material. It makes sense to practice on something that’s easy to find, cheap, and easy to work with.

Make arrowheads from glass bottles

Primitive Pathways | YouTube

Glass is the perfect alternative to stone. It can be found anywhere – you likely have plenty around your house. Also, it flakes much easier than flint and other stone, and it costs nothing if you use old bottles.

Make arrowheads from glass bottles

Primitive Pathways | YouTube

Messing up your work while working with stone is frustrating, but it’s a part of the learning process. Screwups are not a big deal when you use glass. While they may not be as strong as stone, glass arrowheads are dangerously sharp and they look really cool!

Glass bottle arrowhead

Primitive Pathways | YouTube

In the video below, Billy Berger demonstrates how to make an arrowhead out of a beer bottle. These arrowheads turn out beautiful, and they are a great way to grow your skills before moving on to more challenging materials.

Visit Billy’s website – – to learn more.

Glass bottle arrowheads

How To Make A Glass Arrowheads From Old Beer Bottles — Homestead and Survival

Friday 11th of April 2014

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