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How to Make Living Green a Bit More Fun

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If you try to live green as much as possible, there is no denying that you are making a difference in the world. However, the minor problem with sustainable living is that it can feel like you’re making a lot of sacrifices. After all, you do have to give up certain activities that make your life either easier or more fun.

Well, the good news for you is that it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. There are actually a number of ways to enjoy yourself while also living green. Here is how you can balance it all:

How to make green living more fun

An Innovative No-Vehicle Day

There are few things that make life easier than your vehicle. Unfortunately, you are also aware of the carbon footprint that it leaves behind. Considering just how much greenhouse gas your car can produce, it makes sense to limit how much you drive it. Of course, this by itself isn’t all that thrilling. Well, what if you added a twist? Instead of just leaving your car at home, try to think of the most creative way that you can get to your destination.

For instance, you can model it after a triathlon. This works best if you have friends’ houses that you can stop by as you travel. This way, you will have a place to store all of your different ‘modes of transportation’. You can do one leg of the journey on foot, cycle for the rest, and maybe skate for the last bit.

Sustainable living

Spend an Entire Day Outside

This is a particularly great idea if you have children. These days, it is all too common for kids to be stuck inside the house watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet. This is why it is more important than ever for them to see all the things that they can do outdoors.

First things first, pack a bag with water and snacks and head outside. Then, get everyone to make a list of all the things they can do outdoors – the catch is that it has to span the whole day. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, there are plenty of suggestions online.

Now, this activity has a two-fold advantage. For instance, you are encouraging the love of the great outdoors in your children. You are also reducing your energy consumption for a whole day. As you can see, it is a win-win situation.

Sustainable living

Go Thrift Shopping or Have a Swap

Who doesn’t love shopping? Unfortunately, traditional means of shopping often mean tons of plastic packaging and clothes that aren’t eco-friendly or fair trade. Not to mention, you also end up spending quite a bit of money.

Well, what if you could solve all of your problems at once? This can be easily done by going thrift store shopping. Here, the clothes, jewelry, books, and so on are all pre-owned, so you don’t have to feel guilty. They are also incredibly affordable which means that you get to save some money too.

If you don’t have any thrift stores near you, then it is time to get inventive. You can host a swap in your own backyard. Invite all those who are interested to bring second-hand clothes and any other items that they want to give away. Then, people can exchange these things for similarly valued items and will not have to spend a dime.

Upcycle and Make Some Money

There are just so many things in your home that can be upcycled. Plastic bottles, old clothes – the list goes on. Now, the last thing you probably want is your home to get cluttered with the things you have created during your upcycling projects. So, why not make some money off your ventures?

These days, it is quite easy to sell your wares online. To top it off, there is also a huge demand for handmade items. You can use both these things to your advantage and look for buyers willing to purchase your upcycled products. You will find that bags and ornaments are sold particularly quickly. As they say, one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Sustainable living

Make Meatless Mondays More Fun

One of the more useful things you can do to contribute to the environment is to cut down on the amount of meat that you eat. This is true for beef, in particular. Now, for most people, this can be one of the tougher tasks. After all, it can be quite difficult to give up burgers, bacon, and steaks, even if it is just for one day.

So, in a bid to make this a bit easier for you, give yourself a cooking challenge. Try to recreate your favorite meat dishes with vegetables or plant-based products instead. The key here is to make them look and taste as close to meat as possible. If you want, you can also get others involved and see who makes the best dish. At the very least, it will provide you with a few laughs and a lot of variety.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make green living enjoyable. All of these ideas will also come in handy when you are trying to convince others to join your way of life. Regardless, though, you now are aware of all of the different ways that you can save the planet and have a bit of fun yourself. This is sure to liven things up for you.

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Tracy Plunkett is a Kiwi writer who keeps close to nature with her love for animals, photography, and the outdoors. In fact, she can often be found working on projects that even combine these three interests.