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Inspiring Home Built by Students is 224 Square Feet of Modern Beauty

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This little home on wheels was beautifully designed by students at Yestermorrow Design School in Warren, Vermont. It is another great example of how a small scale house can have everything you need to live comfortably and in style.  

The 224 square foot home is built with recycled and inexpensive materials and maximizes space extremely efficiently. The students chose materials and colors that give the house a fabulously modern flair. Derek Diedricksen of RelaxShacks gives us a tour in the video below.    


relaxshacksDOTcom | YouTube

The kitchen contains an abundance of storage both above and below the countertops. It includes an oven, which many tiny houses leave out, and a stove underneath a removable cutting board/countertop.  

The shelf above the sink consists of slatted wood so that the shelf space can double as a drying rack for wet dishes and as a knife rack. The walls are covered in inexpensive plywood that is finished with polyurethane, giving it a nice texture and color.


relaxshacksDOTcom | YouTube

The cupboard fronts and kitchen walls are covered in the same polycarbonate material used in many greenhouses, which adds to the modern appeal and significantly lightens up the room.


relaxshacksDOTcom | YouTube

The bathroom is an all-in-one stall with the shower head on the ceiling, so showering is done right in the room. It includes a composting toilet and space-saving rectangle sink.


relaxshacksDOTcom | YouTube

A gorgeous, calico-colored beam runs across the ceiling the length of the house and attached to it is a track for a sliding wall/door that can be moved back and forth, acting as a door or wall where needed. The artistic light fixtures are made from scrap metal pipe fittings.

The bedroom is brilliantly constructed with an abundance of storage nooks, drawers, book shelves, and a storage closet, all with plenty of space.


relaxshacksDOTcom | YouTube

The house has many windows that allow in plenty of natural light. It sits on wheels, therefore able to bypass many of the building codes associated with permanent homes. These students did an amazing job of designing a gorgeous, efficient living space out of inexpensive materials.


relaxshacksDOTcom | YouTube