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Living BIG in a Tiny House for Only $500mo

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Tammy and Logan are debt free and living in a 128sqft tiny house, with no mortgage, on a nice lot with the freedom to do what they please. They are happier than ever and one can easily see why.
Debt_car-free tiny house couple_ simple living

Debt_car-free tiny house couple_ simple living3

Six years ago, Tammy Strobel was unhappy- “I was commuting 2 hours a day, going to a job I hated, overweight, unhappy, kind of middle class plight”. Then she watched a youtube video featuring Dee Williams and her tiny home- a moment she calls her “turning point”- and she began to dream about less.


 Photo credit: Tammy Strobel. She teaches e-courses on how to photograph everyday life:

“You Can Buy Happiness (And It’s Cheap)”…

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