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NestHouse Tiny Home Inspired By Bird Nesting Houses

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There is no shortage of new designs, concepts, and inspiration when it comes to tiny houses. When you are trying to make the most use out of very limited space you’ll use whatever inspiration strikes as long as it works.

Tiny House Scotland found inspiration in bird nesting houses for their latest design, which is aptly called the NestHouse.

The NestHouse takes advantage of passive design features for keeping the home both warm and cool, as well as providing a good amount of natural lighting, and being well insulated and sealed makes the cost of heating or cooling down.

With several different sizes available, as well as additional modules that can add function and space, it ranges from 107 sq ft to 320 sq ft. They can even manage to pack in a bathtub, albeit a small one, into the interior design.

Storage can be found integrated under the wrap-around staircase, which goes around the woodstove, to make even more room for the overall living area. Currently, the different options are priced between $21,000 and $48,000.

NestHouse – Tiny House Scotland

For more details check out the Tiny House Scotland website.