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River Turbine Generates Steady Power in 2 Feet of Water

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We see a lot of advances being made in solar and even in wind turbine technology these days, and there are even more promising advances just on the horizon, but both have some limitations.

Solar isn’t as effective in bad weather, a cloudy day can reduce the energy you can store for nighttime use.

Wind needs a steady breeze for constant energy generation, even though many are now designed to work with a minimal breeze, a still day can have the same negative impact as clouds and rain do with solar.

Some people use both to help offset these issues as much as possible, but if you leave near a river or stream, there could be another option to you with a portable water turbine generator.

Idénergie manufactures a consumer-sized water turbine that can generate a steady flow of electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as long as you have flowing water to keep it operating.

The system can be shipped almost anywhere and can be assembled pretty quickly by a two-person team.

The benefits of using hydroelectric include a steady flow of power, needing fewer batteries due to having a more reliable and steady source of electricity, and because they have a built-in inverter, running your power cables from the turbine to your batteries is just about all the set up you need.

It also only needs a depth of 2 feet in order to operate. For those who already have other systems, adding another power source can help add more security and confidence in providing your family with the power they need.