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Stop Blaming Renewable Energy For Fossil Fuel Problems

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Perhaps politics should stay out of the market and certainly off this site, but, the fossil fuel industry is drenched in politics, or should I say, the fossil fuel business has corrupted U.S. Politics and international and environmental policies so much that it’s destroying the environment. This is not sustainable, it is dangerous for our children’s future and should change.

The problem is people in the dying fossil fuel industry are doing what anyone in a dying industry does. They blame the new technology for their own problems. Fossil fuel workers and their families are going through some hard times. But it’s the market balancing itself. It’s normal. It’s nothing new and happens all the time. People should retrain in new industry instead of blaming the new industry for destroying their livelihood. That’s just plain childish and irresponsible.

Solar energy
The fact remains I hear lots of blaming going on, but no one is taking responsibility for their INACTION. The inaction of not retraining in a new industry when that industry is so obviously much better for our planet and will provide better paying jobs. Instead, people blame the agencies that are protecting them.

People refer to the “laws to save the world” as if they are bad things. What they are referring to are the EPA and environmental protection standards put in place to protect the environment (and our world, the crops we eat, and the air we breathe) from careless profiteers in the fossil fuel industry (in all industries). Yet they blame the EPA like they are doing bad things, while simultaneously ignoring the terrible environmental destruction the fossil fuel industry has caused over the past 150 years. The irony here is palpable. The air is thick with hypocrisy.

Fossil fuels are becoming obsolete as well they should be. They are destroying our planet, our food, our environment, and people still blame the people trying to protect them from profiteers who do not give a shit about them.

Answer these questions. Really think about the questions. Be honest with yourself.

Do you really think the fossil fuel companies care about the little guy? Really? Do you seriously think that they care about you? Do you really think big wigs and executives in the profit-driven fossil fuel industry care about the coal worker or oil rig worker, or the truck drivers that deliver our goods?

They don’t, you know. They care about money, profits and dividends. Oh sure they’ll claim they care, but it’s just hot air. They are placating you. They are playing you for fools.

It’s not just the political system, we already know that is corrupt. It’s the profiteers in BIG CORP, BIG OIL, and BIG PHARMA who are screwing things up for people.

The renewable sustainable energy sector is cleaner, more efficient, and it’s growing.

Stop holding onto a sinking ship hoping it will float again. Instead of blaming, pointing fingers, and getting angry, which causes nothing but unneeded stress…get on board. Join the sustainable energy industry. Workers should retrain and upgrade their skill-set. It’s not easy. Change is rarely easy. People fight change and that’s human nature, but change happens anyway. Don’t get left behind.

We’re all about SUSTAINABILITY. We have to move forward and change with the times. We cannot safely rely on old obsolete technology, and then blame the new tech and the people producing new tech when the new tech makes the old tech obsolete.


The fact remains. We are destroying our planet by using fossil fuels. This is not about us. It’s about our children, their children, our grandchildren and their future offspring for generations to come. We should be responsible. We have a duty to protect our planet and leave it better than how we found it. We do that with renewable and sustainable energy. It’s really that simple.



Sunday 11th of September 2016

========== My best friend was working in the fracking industry near Williston, ND. When oil prices went down and could no longer support the extraction of low-grade fuel, my friend could see what was happening -- he left the industry and now works doing maintenance/repair work at a retirement home in a much nicer climate. He doesn't make as much money now but he's happier in his new line of work, the working conditions are at least 1,000 times better -- it's easier on his body and his health and he'll no doubt have a longer and better life because of it. ========== We live fulltime in our 33' fifth wheel so we remain dependent on diesel fuel to move it but we meet all our electricity needs via a solar system we had installed for $1,350. (We later added a 300 watt Power Up! pure sine wave inverter (about $200) which I installed myself.) ========== sail4free ==========