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Super Cool Fuel Free Solar Grill Can Cook Food In The Dark!

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The Wilson Solar Grill was designed in 2012 by MIT professor Dr. David Wilson with the help of MIT graduate students. It not only cooks your food when the sun is out during the day, but it can store that heat energy and so you can cook your food at night.

How, you ask? The solar grill uses a fresnel lens to heat Lithium Nitrate. (Lithium nitrate “is the lithium salt of nitric acid. It is made by reacting lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide with nitric acid.“) ~Wikipedia

It will store the heat energy for up to 25 hours released as convective heat at temperatures of 450 degrees F. ‘

This solar cooker technology has great potential for cooking and other uses. Technically, you could store the heat energy and heat your home, your water, and probably generate electricity as well. Heat is after all energy, and energy can be converted to electricity. All you need is heat, and this could provide it.


Solar grill concept, Dr. David Wilson, MIT


Wilson Solar Grill2

Solar grill concept, Dr. David Wilson, MIT

This is not just a grill. Many people will look at this and see a grill and say “COOL!” while not seeing the expanded practical applications for home energy and heating usage.

In my opinion, this is a life-changing invention for millions of people. It’s not often you see truly innovative world-changing products.

This one could change the world.


UPDATE: This is a CONCEPT product. That does NOT mean it’s FAKE as some people have posted in the comments. It’s based on real technology and science. The Sun is a powerful source of energy, and capturing that energy with fresnel lenses and storing the heat energy is possible because it’s already been done.

We apologize for not making it clear in the article that this is a concept product.

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