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Sustainable Company Makes Building Blocks Out of Recycled Plastic Waste

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Plastic waste is everywhere. It is on our streets, in our water systems, our forests, and our oceans. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a way to put it to work for us?

ByFusion is a company doing just that. Seeing that plastic waste is so common, they have come up with a process to make what they call Byblocks. These blocks are used to build walls and buildings. Imagine building a house out of recycled plastic waste.


ByFusion takes plastic waste and turns it into THIS:



ByBlock from ByFusion

ByFusion has created a machine process to take any plastic, either sorted from one type or any combination of the 7 types in use and turn that waste into blocks that are used for construction purposes.

By forming blocks out of any combination of the 7 types of plastic, of which only 3 are commonly recycled, they can construct any number of structures, from warehouses to retaining walls and almost anything in between. (Currently, U.S. use is limited to non-inhabited structures, but outside the U.S. they can be used for single-story family homes)

Their system is portable, so it can be taken to where it is needed most and they can form blocks of various sizes and densities to meet whatever needs they encounter. Not only could we reduce the astronomical amount of plastic that litters our planet and fills our landfills, but we can put it to use. These blocks create about 95% fewer greenhouse gases than concrete during the creation process and also provide better thermal and acoustic insulation than your standard concrete blocks.

You can learn more at ByFusion.