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The Green Wheel: Hydroponic Garden that Saves Light & Space

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The idea of a rotary hydroponic system is not a new one; this concept was developed by NASA as a possible means of providing astronauts with fresh produce while in space. DesignLibero has taken that concept to a new level, making many aesthetic improvements to create this beautiful, rotary hydroponic system that can be used by anyone.

The Green Wheel is a way for people to grow their own fresh food indoors or on a patio. The wheel has a large grow area, so many types of plants can be grown in this seemingly small space.



The plants are arranged around the light source, significantly reducing the amount of light required when compared to most systems that use grow lights.  

The water reservoir and the engine that keeps the wheel in motion are hidden in the base of the system. The sleek, artistic appearance makes it a nice showpiece for indoor placement.



Inside the solid outer wheel sits a smaller wheel perforated with planting holes that allow the roots of the plants to hang free. As the wheel turns, the plant roots are soaked in the water reservoir at the bottom of the system.



The vases that the plants sit in are lined with coco fiber to keep the plants securely in place.




The easy-to-use control interface can be managed from a smartphone or tablet, allowing for users to regulate light output and monitor the water level remotely.


Read more about The Green Wheel at DesignLibero.

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Friday 26th of September 2014

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