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The Shack – An Incredible, Tiny Off Grid Retreat

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For a beautiful example of just how small you can go when planning your off grid home, check out this off grid cottage retreat. It sits on 27 acres of West Virginia wilderness and is a beautiful, tiny, comfortable living space. 

“The Shack” was built by Broadhurst Architects of Rockville, MD as a weekend getaway for a family from Washington, D.C. It serves as a comfortable step up from camping on their South Fork Mountain property until the family gets around to building a larger weekend cottage. The Shack is the perfect size for a couple or small family to enjoy all the comforts of home, in the beautiful outdoors, on a small footprint.

Off grid retreat home

Photo: Broadhurst Architects

The little structure is completely off the grid, with no electricity, septic system, or running water. The main room houses a wood stove for heat, which is also used to heat water in the tiny kitchen area of the cottage.

Water is collected from a rooftop rainwater collection system. The rainwater drains into a barrel, which then is gravity fed into the kitchen area and to an outdoor shower. Interior and exterior lighting for the cottage is provided by hanging oil lamps, eliminating the need for any electrical wiring whatsoever.

Off grid retreat tiny house

Photo: Broadhurst Architects

With the all-white interior and plenty of exposure to the outdoors, The Shack appears larger than it is. To keep pests of all sizes out, the building is constructed atop rodent barrier posts – a concept borrowed from local corn cribs – and raised up off the ground.

The home is built out of locally milled pine, with the exterior clad in board and batten siding and metal sheeting on the roof.

Off grid tiny house retreat

Photo: Broadhurst Architects

The southeastern side of the building offers wide open exposure to a cantilevered wood deck and can be closed off with an overhead glass garage door. The deck can be partially covered with a removable awning to protect the outdoor seating area from the elements.  When the door is open, the deck becomes part of the livable space of the home.

Off grid tiny house retreat

Photo: Broadhurst Architects

This tiny cottage, with gorgeous views of the surrounding wilderness, is an inspiring example for those wanting to build their own sustainable off grid home. Very nicely done!

Images via Broadhurst Architects

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