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The Sun Hive: A Majestically Beautiful Bee Hive That Could Save The Honey Bees

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The Sun Hive is a bee hive centered around natural hive geometry and a natural approach to modern beekeeping. It was created by the Natural Beekeeping Trust as a key element to bee guardianship. 


Bees are in danger. Pesticides, industrialization and other climate factors are effecting the life of the bees, and ultimately our sustainability and food supply. Bees are the main pollinators of the worlds crops and without the bees, agriculture would fall out of balance and we’d be in danger. Why? Because less crops mean less food, and higher food prices.

This results in an ever increasing problem. Not to mention the fact that bees are in trouble and need a solution that will include the banning of certain pesticides that would harm bees which ultimately harms ourselves, and we need increased beekeeping across the world to reestablish the bee populations that have been damaged.

“…The Problem Honey bees are struggling all around the world. We all know it, and we all know we need to do something about it. Otherwise, one day we will see the last honeybee. Is that what we want for our children: a world without bees?…”

Enter the Sun Hive…

Sun Hive

Natural Beekeeping Trust


The Sun Hive is modeled in part on the old skep hive shape, only it’s right side up.

Skep Hive

Natural Beekeeping Trust

The traditional skep hive shape is technically turning the bee’s world upside down. This is not the ideal shape for  hive, and technically speaking, forces the bees to build their hive upside-down.

Here are some examples of natural bee hives.

Natural Bee Hive

Inspiration for the shape of the Sun Hive – Image Credit: Strathcona Beekeepers

The idea of the Sun Hive is to produce honey in a more natural and bee-friendly way.


Sun Hive Bee Hive

Natural Beekeeping Trust


Here’s a great video showing a hive being harvested. Be sure to visit


The Sun Hive is inspiring and is a reminder that when we set our minds to it we can create good things that help the planet and ourselves at the same time. Finding a balance in nature.

This is a beautiful way to save the bees.