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Tiny Home Village In Kansas City For Homeless Veterans

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Tiny homes are not just trendy, they are also a practical solution to an all too common problem; homelessness.  Of special concern to many is the problem of homeless veterans. Those who signed up to defend our country should never be forced to sleep on the streets or go without the basics needed to live, yet homelessness is a growing problem among our nations veterans.

As our government fails to pass legislation that provides better benefits, and with many veterans needing mental health treatment, we are seeing far too many struggle to keep a roof over their heads, and they often feel as if the nation they fought for has turned its back on them. In Kansas City, they are looking to tiny homes to provide at least some relief for our veterans.

Veterans Community Project is providing 50 tiny homes that will go exclusively to homeless veterans, and on top of that, they will also provide other access and information about other resources in order to help vets get back on their feet and to give them the tools they need to fight whatever battles they need to get back to a normal and productive life.

Each tiny home has a full kitchen and bath a nearby community center will be offering classes to help those who suffer from PTSD.

This is a more comprehensive approach that not only provides housing but also tries to address other issues that are common among homeless vets. The houses will have around 240 square feet of living space and they will be set up as a community. Hopefully, there will be many similar projects around the nation to follow