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Top 10 Uses For A Survival Knife

Top 10 Uses For A Survival Knife

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A knife is an essential survival tool that you should always have when heading out for an outdoor adventure. It is both a knife and weapon, depending upon the situation you are in. If you are a minimalist who would prefer to only carry a single tool that does most of the work, a survival knife is your answer.

When looking for a knife to add to your gear, make sure you pick a quality knife that will protect you from danger and help with other tasks at the same time. A knife is a really versatile tool to have, and you should know the different ways it can help you. When you are in a critical situation, a good survival knife can be indispensable.

Uses for a survival knife


10 uses for a survival knife: 

1. Starting a fire

It is a great idea to carry survival knives with you while camping. You might not always have matches, flint strikers, or other fire-starting devices when in the woods. Your survival knife can be used to produce sparks through bow drill, though you will need the right type of wood and should be aware of how the procedure works.

You can also start a fire by striking the knife blade against stones to create a spark. Keep the tinder right next to the knife so that it catches. You can also use the knife for gathering tinder for a fire. You can use tinder when the weather outside is moist and starting a fire is difficult.

Uses for a survival knife


2. Cutting and Slicing

The survival knife is really helpful when you have to chop vegetables or other food items while in the wilderness. A high-quality knife will also help you get anything out of your way.

For example, if you are taking an off-beaten path blocked by vegetation, your knife can help you clear your path. It really is an essential tool that you must have during all your outdoor adventures. Make sure to opt for a knife that is significantly sharp for chopping.

Uses for a survival knife


3. Digging

If you do not have a shovel while you are in the woods, then you can use a knife for the same. It can help you dig out roots of plants, create a fire pit, dispose of waste, and even carve out signals in the dirt. A sharp knife can help you do anything that you can do with your shovel.

4. Batoning

Batoning is a technique of cutting or splitting wood with a knife and mallet or other stick. While it can be difficult to picture cutting wood with a knife, a sharp survival knife can actually do it. You can cut and split wood you need during your outdoor adventures.

Pick a knife that is rigid and of high quality for this purpose. A plain knife would simply break under that stress, but a top-notch survival knife will do the trick.

Uses for a survival knife

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5. Self Defense

Your survival knife can be a huge factor in self-defense. With it, you can ward off wild animals and, in the worst case, even human attackers. It might seem all fun and adventure stepping out in the wilderness. However, you should always be alert and watch out for potential threats. This is very important when you are camping with the family.

When you are in a need of a good self-defense tool, a survival knife will never let you down.

6. First Aid

Outings into the wilderness have their pros and cons. There is a possibility that you might get bruises, cuts or injuries. A survival knife can aid in first aid by cutting bandages or splints to apply to wounds. You cannot take your safety for granted and a survival knife is indeed your best ally.

7. Building Shelter

A survival knife can be truly versatile, and if you do not have a saw or a hatchet then it comes in handy when you need to build a shelter. You can use it to cut wood and other materials that you might need. The knife also helps when putting a tent together. 

Uses for as survival knife


8. Removing tree sap

When you are camping outside, tree sap can be really useful as a food source and for its anti-inflammatory properties to heal wounds and cuts. A survival knife can help you tap sap from the trees. A very sharp knife will do the job.

9. Hunting

Your survival knife can help you hunt for animals while you are in the wilderness. Just attach it to a pole and use the tool as a spear to attack animals. The same knife can then be used to skin the animals, cut through their joints, and prepare the meat for cooking. It can also come in handy for catching and preparing fish. 

Uses for as survival knife

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10. Screw-driving

If you have forgotten to pack a screwdriver in your survival kit then a survival knife can do the job. You never know when you might need one, as nothing is predictable in the wilderness. Use a survival knife to loosen or tighten screws when needed.

In addition to all of the above, you may also use your knife for signaling if you get lost. This can either be done by starting a fire or using the knife as a signal mirror. In a time of peril, you might have to seek help and the survival knife will surely assist in doing so. A shiny knife that can reflect light will enable you to alert the rescuers nearby so that they can spot your location and send help.

As you can see, a survival knife can help you in a variety of ways. It is an all-in-one tool that you should carry with you any time you venture into the wilderness. Your knife can act as a hunting knife, a spear, or even a hammer when need be. If you are planning an outdoor trip into the woods, be sure you have a survival knife on your list to take with you.


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Uses for a survival knife