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Ultimate Underground Greenhouse Built From Converted Pool

Ultimate Underground Greenhouse Built From Converted Pool

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Everyone knows the best way to grow food year round is in a greenhouse. There are many types of greenhouses, some designs better at letting light in and others better at  insulating the greenhouse from the cold. Some are better designed to stand up to strong winds or heavy snow loads. These are all important attributes and need to be considered when choosing which greenhouse is best for you and your area.


This is a good greenhouse design because it makes its own ecosystem; it is a greenhouse built over an empty swimming pool or incorporating a pond inside the greenhouse. They grow duckweed on the pond, a floating plant that chickens eat, so of course they have chickens in the greenhouse which roost over the pond. Chickens leave their waste in the pond which is used by the fish and the plants to grow. It is a closed system so everything works together to make more and better food. The chickens are fed and protected from predators.  They are also kept warm, which helps keep their laying from slowing down during cold weather. The fish have no predators in a greenhouse and have a great home in the pond.

The plants love the environment and use the pond water with the nutrients in it to flourish. It produces eggs and chickens, a garden, fish for the table and it is harvest time year round. Learn more about how it all works by clicking the link below.


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