“Wheel of Death” The World’s Most Dangerous, Useless, & Epically Stupid Wood Splitter!

Wood Splitter Fail

If you’ve never seen this epic fail of wood splitting danger it’s a must see. Basically it’s a spinning wheel of death and dismemberment. It’s an accident waiting to happen. It appears to mad of a tractor trailer rim, filled with concrete to give it mass and weight, with a giant sharpened metal spear-like wedge welded onto the center. The apparatus spins wildly at mind-numbing speeds, whirling the blade around and down to a base plate where the log sits, waiting for the next go-round of the giant metal shark tooth of danger to slam into the wood, or someone’s boney hand, meaty arm or egg like head if you lose your balance trying to maneuver a piece of would into the mindless spinning wheel of death! This wood splitter of doom is perhaps one of the most stupid pieces of needlessly dangerous equipment. If you want the perfect example of what NOT to do, this is one.

Just watch… Hope no one tries this at home. It’s exceedingly dangerous, and should never be attempted!

Wood Splitter Fail