Zombie Fortress

container zombie fortress

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? If you’ve never been afraid of zombies, perhaps you should be. You might seriously think about building your own Zombie Fortress. Seriously. Are you truly prepared for the coming Zombie Apocalypse? The CDC (Center for Disease Control) thinks you should be prepared too.

“…There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency…” – CDC

Wow! Looks like the U.S. government is taking the zombie threat seriously. I thought maybe I should too, so I designed a Zombie Fortress out of steel shipping containers!

Zombie Fortress: Made from Steel Shipping Containers

Building the ultimate defense against the zombie hordes takes planning, preparation, and firepower. Lots of firepower!

My Zombie Fortress comes complete with four dual 50 caliber gun turrets mounted on four watchtowers that secure the entire 300’x200′ perimeter. 1000 feet of 16-foot tall wall. A huge 11,000+ square foot Container Castle.

The compound is surrounded by multiple levels of anti-zombie security measures.


Zombie Fortress Wall


Added Razor wire and sandbags to the perimeter wall.

Zombie Fortress Razor Wire

The outer perimeter is secured by 16-foot tall steel walls constructed of 48 reinforced steel shipping containers stretching 1000 feet in length around the entire outer perimeter. The lower level of the wall is 8′ feet thick and filled with dirt to provide protection against large hoards of zombies, or the occasional human infiltration attempts, stray bullets, explosives, or breach attempts by large vehicles, and should be adequate protection against armored vehicles such as personnel carriers or even tanks.

[***TOP SECRET: It appears as though there is no way inside the Zombie Fortress complex, but there is. You’ll just have to trust me on that one. No! It’s not tunnels. And even if it were, I wouldn’t tell you. 😉 ***]


Zombie Fortress Watch Tower

There are four 40′ tall steel guard towers, each complete with dual 50 caliber sentry guns capable of wiping out even the largest of zombie hoards.

[***TOP SECRET: In the event large piles of zombie corpses start to pile up and a breach of the wall security is imminent, there are automated countermeasures in place which remove the danger of a perimeter breach by piles of corpses.***]


Zombie Fortress Yard (interior)

Beyond the 16-foot tall steel reinforced wall, the interior compound is fortified by a large open expanse of land with no trees, bushes, or shrubbery that can be used to conceal a zombie threat or surprise the inhabitants of the container castle keep.


Zombie Fortress Moat

What castle would be complete without a moat? What? You think I’d be silly enough to fill it with water? Come on!

[***TOP SECRET: I’d tell you what’s in the moat, but I’d have to kill you. Suffice it to say, any zombies that try to traverse this 20-foot wide trench won’t exist anymore.***]


The last and final structure is the Zombie Fortress’s super-sized container castle.

Shipping Container Castle

The container castle is fortified by structurally reinforced 14 gauge steel walls and solid steel plating at weak points.

Notice there are no windows on the lower levels. This is to further strengthen the defense against any breach at ground level. There are 4 stories not counting the basement level which cannot be shown here for security reasons. There are two ways in and out of the castle, and it is designed to house all our vehicles. The front and rear gates are also made of steel, and reinforced to withstand the strongest zombie attack.

[***TOP SECRET: There is a countermeasure on each of the front and rear entrances which will deter or completely stop almost any infiltration or direct attack.***]


Zombie Fortress Interior

Zombie Fortress Interior


Container Castle Specifications: (include prices)

  • 35 Steel (ISBU) 40′ Shipping Containers $70,000
  • 16 Bedroom 8 Bath “Zombie Fortress”
  • – 11,200 square feet of livable floor space
  • – 3200 square feet of warehouse/courtyard space
  • TOTAL SQUARE FT = 14,400

Power System: Combined wind and solar system provides energy in any weather conditions.

  • – 12,000 Watt Solar Panel Array (48 500 Watt PV panels) = $20,000
  • – 40,000 Watt Quad Vertical Helix Mag-Lev Wind Turbine System = $100,000
Material Costs:
  • Design Drawings/Floor Plan = $1000
  • Building Permits = $3000
  • Foundation = $20,000
  • Plumbing = $5000
  • Electrical = $5000
  • Heating/Cooling/Ducting = $10000
  • Carpet (1000 yards) = $5000
  • Flooring (bathrooms & kitchen) = $5000
  • Drywall/Paneling/Paint = $10,000
  • Cabinets/Counters $10000
  • Hardware/Toilets/Tubs/Showers = $10000
  • Lighting = $10000
  • Windows = $25000
  • Doors (20) = $5000
  • Roofing = $5000
  • Landscaping = $2500
  • Electrical and Trim Fixtures = $5000
  • MISC OVERAGES = $5000

SUB TOTAL = $331,500

Perimeter Wall Specifications:
  • 48 Steel (ISBU) 40′ Shipping Containers $96,000
  • 1000 foot long
  • 16 foot high
  • 8 feet thick
TOTAL MATERIALS PRICE: $427,500 (not including labor or sentry guns) 😉
Zombie Fortress

The Zombie Fortress complete with container castle, moat, and perimeter wall,  is heavily fortified against hoards of attacking zombies.

This is serious zombie apocalypse defense. It’s not for the faint of heart or those with shallow pockets, but should, in the end, protect a large group of people from the zombie hoards indefinitely.


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  1. hey man have to say this tops all I have ever seen, speechless here. Could you maybe give some ideal floor plans of the inside or things you could do. there is so much potential with this my imigination can not even keep up. Also how easy is it to get the containers . Iam also shocked at the price , i figured it would be way up in the millions. One more questions whats the acerage of the property or ideal acerage.

  2. Mind giving out info on the gate mechanism? I’m curious as to how the gates are raised and lowered. Also, was there a back up plan on if the power failed to raise and lower the gates. Though I would suggest, maybe its already been addressed but not shared, if the vehicles are stored within the castle, how do they get outside the compound? I have not seen an entry/exit way. As with any zombie apocalypse you just never know what is going to happen a rapid exit from the compound might be needed. And vehicles would be needed to get out of there in the case of a full breach.
    I had thought about using a container as a “covered” driveway, but it might not be wide enough when in a hurry. Those few seconds navigating through could be costly.

  3. Just remember its not the zombies you have to worry about. Some sturdy tall walls will keep dumb shambles at bay fairly well without being to fancy. It’s the raiders/survivors that are the true problem. They are a thinking enemy that can circumvent fortifications. You have to plan on defending yourself against people, starving, motivated, crazy people. Don’t get me wrong, I really like your plan. But history has watched far greater fortresses fall to man. It takes about two acres of good land to feed one person, are you planting crops? Is there a security plan other than the over the top cannons at the corners (that will never come to pass). How many people does it support, what skills do they have, are there enough people to do security in shifts. I have to many questions to post.

  4. I count 86 containers. so your list and prices are squewed.. I would love to see actual plans. I would be interested in how you will be securing them to each other. Or how you plan to support them above the gate and other large spans. What are your plans for a gate in your wall? Your price list for bathroom features is too low and i’m sure that the rest of the price list is very low ball.

  5. What about food?
    I like the basic idea of storage containers and dirt, but this seems unsustainable.
    If you don’t want to ruin visibility, grow something low to the ground, like potatoes, carrots, beans, cabbage or broccoli.
    Potatoes have tons of carbs, carrots are very nutritious, cabbage and broccoli both have a lot of nutrients and can keep throughout the winter, and broccoli is very space efficient. Beans restore nitrogen in the soil. They’re all low to the ground, and won’t interfere much with visibility when it comes to walking zombies.
    To take care of zombies on the ground, you can stagger the plants – one row with plants, one row without.
    Without plants, you’re dead.
    Also, just for the sake of it, why not have a deep pit all around the fort? You need to get the dirt for the storage containers from somewhere.