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100% Self Sufficient Off Grid Village Grows its Own Food & Produces its Own Power

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Imagine living in a 100% sustainable off grid village. ReGen Villages and Danish design studio EFFEKT are two companies that are challenging some of the stereotypes about what off-grid living means.

Together they have designed and planned the construction of a sustainable community, starting in the Netherlands and with plans to expand into other areas across the globe.


EFFEKT | ReGen Villages



EFFEKT | ReGen Villages


By incorporating the latest in solar technology, aquaponics, vertical gardening, and passive design elements that help heat and cool their communities more efficiently, they are hoping to demonstrate that off-grid living isn’t some primitive or reclusive lifestyle that requires isolation from the rest of the world, but instead can help build a true community. One that generates its own power, provides for water treatment, produces enough organic fruits and vegetables to feed the entire community, and even lessens the burden on local governments where such communities are constructed.


EFFEKT | ReGen Villages

Their designs include plenty of greenhouses, community spaces, learning centers, and more. These will be able to provide not only the ability to produce enough organic produce, and even livestock to feed the community, but also includes plans to meet the educational needs of the residents and their children, all while also producing clean energy, reducing water consumption by up to 90%, and providing water storage, waste-to-resources systems, and even electric car charging stations.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future has to start somewhere, and it seems that ReGen Villages and EFFEKT are doing their part to help ensure that we can make it a good one, even in the face of shifting climates, reduced resources, and a growing population. 


With the global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050 and climate change contributing to stretching our resources thin, it is becoming obvious that we need to find new ways of doing things and ways that will benefit not only the human population but the planet as a whole. Luckily there are people who are looking to the future by starting to work on sustainable living in the present.


For more information on the project including details on the project plans and specs, check out the EFFEKT website for the ReGen Villages collaboration.