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189sqft Super Modern Micro Home is Contemporary Beauty

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The LifePOD (INDAWO) is a 182 square foot super modern contemporary micro-home manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s designed to be sustainable and practical. The design is very clean and spacious, and makes the best use of available space. The cost for this unit ranges from about $18k to $60k USD.

“POD-INDAWO is a modular, prefabricated home designed specifically for a Southern African context….The INDAWO / lifePOD is a modular, prefabricated nano-home which is designed and manufactured in South Africa. Because of it’s design and size owners of the POD will enjoy a reduced energy bill in comparison to a conventional home. Each is made off-site, to specific client specification, allowing one to start simply with a shell or to go for a full-on kitted out interior (or somewhere in-between). Several 17-square-meter unit can be positioned in various configurations to form larger, multi-use living areas.”  LifePOD



Brett Rubin



Brett Rubin