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2 People Built This House in the Hungarian Forest in 2 Days!

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This cabin nestled in the Hungarian forest was built in 2 days from prefabbed panels. Designed by T2.a Architects and photographer Zsolt Batár, this modular type design is slightly rustic and modern on the outside, and nicely contemporary on the inside.

The selling point is the ease of assembly, and it’s reported to be “reasonably” priced, yet I could not find a total cost to build. Whatever reasonable means in this regard is probably irrelevant because the modular panel design process can be duplicated or modified in other designs elsewhere in the world.

Regardless, it’s a cool-looking house and a nice change of pace from the typical cookie-cutter suburban home.


“…The house structure consists of prefabricated and cross-laminated timber panels (CLT), which made for a quick and efficient assembly process. The two-storey home has a modern yet rustic exterior, with an interior that is just as cozy and welcoming as any traditional mountain cabin…”


Hungarian House

Zsolt Batár

hungarian forest house

Zsolt Batár



via: Zsolt Batar