5 BEST Reasons To Live Off The Grid


Why do you want to live off the grid? Everyone, I think, has their own reasons and ideas for wanting to move off the grid. Boiling it down, these are the top 5.

1. Self Sufficiency: Living off the grid in a self sufficient manner brings with it a certain independence which cannot be found in modern living. Modern living (i.e. city living) is a dependent system. Each block or “grid” square of a city depends on the next for support.

If there were a collapse of the financial system -which is the most likely “doomsday” scenario- then the grocery stores, hardware stores, and the big box home improvement stores would be the first to be wiped out of supplies.

In the biggest cities in the world, this leaves millions of people without the supplies needed to survive. Self-sufficiency, at a fundamental level, is all about survival. But it also goes far beyond survival, into the realm of independence.

People like the feeling they get when they don’t have to depend on others, and they can support their families and enjoy their lives with their friends on their own land, in their own home.

2.: Sense of Accomplishment: There’s a certain satisfaction on a job well done. Whether you build your own log cabin, tiny house, or cottage in the hills, the sense of accomplishment you feel must be astounding.

3. Survival: Surviving the world off grid may not be the easiest way to live, but it arguably gives you a better chance of survival in a disaster/collapse scenario. It’s all about being prepared.

4. Freedom:  Becoming “Debt Free”. The freedom to provide for your family without the burden of crushing debt. The freedom to spend quality time with your family instead of making money for your boss. The freedom to live life the way you see fit. With true freedom, comes happiness.

5. Happiness: Ultimately it comes down to happiness. We all strive for happiness in our own way. Some folks are materialistic, some seek power or money. Some seek the simpler life. A life without stress, or as stress-free as possible. Removing the burden of mortgages, utility bills, car payments, and living the simpler, easier life appeals to millions of people around the world. Happiness is at the core.

They call it “The American Dream“, but I think that’s a rather narrow-minded and selfish way of phrasing it, since most people in the world want the same things. They want to be happy. Living off the grid seems like the perfect way to achieve it.

It’s all about being happy.


Cabin Photo: http://tinyhousetalk.com/luxury-resort-uses-cabins-for-guests-to-stay/