8 Best Reasons To Use Solar Power

The Sun can power everything, and it does already. It radiates pure energy. Enough energy in 1 day to power our planet for 1000 years, if we could capture it all. Fortunately we don’t have to capture it all, as that would be impossible. But we can capture a significant percentage of the Sun’s massive radiant energy that hits the surface of the Earth every day. Currently solar panels are about 15% efficient on average. That means they can capture about 15% of the energy hitting the Earth in the area that they cover. There are some experimental solar technologies that are 40% efficient, and “Steven Novack of the Idaho National Laboratories with an inexpensive, foldable solar panel that may turn out to be up to 80% efficient.” Source: EcoGeek So, lets get into the reasons you should use solar power.


1. Solar Energy is Now Affordable and Getting Less Expensive Each Day!

The fact is as more and more companies get into solar energy, and manufacture solar panels, the costs will continue to get more and more affordable. The cost per Watt is dropping to $1/Watt and in some areas is even less. (this cost does not include installation). But it doesn’t matter because you can buy a 1500 Watt system complete with mounting brackets, charger, inverter and cable for about that price. This is CHEAP compared to how much it used to be.

Solar Panels

2. You Can Sell Surplus Energy Back To The Electric Station

If you opt for a grid-tied solar system, you could essentially cut your solar costs even more by selling surplus power back to the electric company. This helps alleviate the load on the grid, and might actually help the whole system in times of over usage during extreme weather. In other words, it could help toward stopping blackouts from happening. Maybe…

electric station

3. Solar Panels Are Practically Maintenance Free

Once installed, it doesn’t take much time and effort to maintain solar panels. You wipe them off from time to time, clearing them of dust and debris, and make sure the wires are in good condition and connections are good. There’s very little work beyond the initial installation, which is a huge plus.

Solar Panels

4. Solar Power is Clean Renewable Energy!

Even considering the carbon footprint of the manufacturing plants and transportation costs and other carbon emitting processes in the production of solar panels, it’s cleaner and cheaper than fossil fuels. Especially when one considers the practical maintenance  free nature of solar photovoltaic panels. It’s much cleaner than coal or other fossil fuels, and your can feel better about your energy usage because you’re helping the environment. Plants use solar energy, and they clean the air, without which none of us would be here. I don’t know about you, but I like clean air. 😉 It’s a good thing.

Solar Panel