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A Healthy “OFF GRID” Office Environment Powered By The Sun

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Now THIS is an office I could work in all day!

Let’s face it, modern offices suck! They’re confining and limiting. They don’t allow for freedom of movement, and you sit all day under fluorescent lighting that is not good for you, breathing air that’s been recycled through hundreds of people. It’s really a disgustingly unhealthy environment to work in 8-10 hours per day. No wonder people are sick!

Sunlit Offices Are (and should be) The Future

Sunlight is refreshing, rejuvenating, and can provide you with vitamin D.

ALL offices should be like this, open yet climate controlled and healthier for us. We need sunlight in our lives. We weren’t meant to be stuck in cubicles under artificial light staring at computer screens all day. This makes perfect sense and helps power your life. Sunlight is proven to give you energy, make you feel better, and lift your spirits.

Sunlight cheers us up, it feels good on our skin, and it provides energy in many ways. It can power and heat and rejuvenate our office space and could possibly make us healthier while we work.


Photo: Iwan Baan


Photo © Iwan Baan

The office takes the form of an aerodynamic tube, with a long window on one wall that extends into part of the ceiling. Acting as both a window and a skylight, the glass wall floods the office with light, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Just Add Solar

Throw in some solar panels and a wind turbine and you have an office complex that is off grid, and healthier to work in. Add some good air filters which discharge the used air, and bring in fresh clean naturally filtered air and you have an environment that’s much better than anything you have to deal with in your current office.

This is an office space I could work in, easily.