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Amazing 161sqft Off Grid Tiny House in New Zealand Built for $17,500

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Brett Sutherland built this wonderful little tiny house in New Zealand for only $17,500 (NZ $21,000). The home is solar-powered and even has a composting toilet. Everything runs off of a 12v solar power system. Now, THIS is the perfect little off grid cabin. Living BIG in a tiny house.


The kitchen is a spacious and very clean-looking, practical design.

Bretts-Tiny-House-Kitchen-2 (1)

Winding staircase to the loft.


Living room and office space.

Living Big In A Tiny House

View from the loft above.


The loft with a very comfy looking bed.

At 15 Square meters and completely off-grid, Brett Sutherland has constructed a true, tiny house treasure. Packed with unique, space saving design elements, Brett has created a fantastic space to both live and work. Perhaps best of all, this was all achieved on a budget of NZ$21,000. The Tiny House was constructed on his parents property, and will soon be moved to a friends property in Bethells Beach in Auckland. This modern tiny house is filled with treasures obtained over a lifetime of adventure, and may just be the ultimate bachelor pad. Make sure you follow our own Tiny House journey at and follow us on Facebook at…

This is  by far one of the best and most affordable tiny houses I’ve seen.

At only $17.5k USD it’s priced right and looks like a cozy little place to call home.