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Tiny Pop-Up House-Tent

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The Looper from Nomadic Resorts looks like something from a 3D Pixar movie, but this little thing is a self-sufficient living pod.

The pod is 32×13 feet and stands 9.8 feet high, which means it’s BIG enough for living. These cost $35k to $55k depending on amenities. Quite pricey for the average person, and honestly these aren’t really designed for everyday living, but rather as a luxury “tent” like resort accommodations.

This gives us an idea of what’s possible, and I bet with some creative thinking and material collection/recycling one could build something similar for themselves for less than $10k.

Looper Home

Image: Nomadic Resorts

 “The design is focused on effective use of resources and self-sufficiency – it includes LED lighting and an extremely efficient air conditioned sleeping space as well as incorporating a thin film solar canopy, a rainwater harvesting tank, a constructed wetland sewage treatment system and a solar hot water heater. The biomorphic form combines good cross ventilation and insulation with vents along the ridge of the roof to release the warm air in the top of the space by convection. “

Looper Home

Nomadic Resorts

The Looper is a luxury pod inspired by the form of a caterpillar. The orthogonal structure uses a small volume of structural material to enclose a large internal volume in translucent fabric. The recycleable membrane flysheet lasts for decades, withstands the harshest environmental conditions, emits no volatile organic compounds and glows like a firefly at night. ~Nomadic Resorts


Via Nomadic Resorts